Storytelling and Games (Update #5)

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August 5th, 2013 4:58 pm

In my new action adventure game, one of the biggest goals I want to accomplish is to tell a compelling story. At first, this seemed like a difficult thing to accomplish… being that I didn’t have time to render and model a lot of cutscenes while perfectly lip syncing dialogue… In the end, I came to the conclusion of having little cutscenes and instead telling story through mechanics and visuals. How do you do that? Seems impossible, right? actually, if you go the basics, it’s quite simple.

Mechanics. Text can tell stories. Audio can tell stories as well. Together these become vital aspects in presenting an easy-to-make story mechanic. Character biographies, journals, radio messages, all of these can easily show story without complicated cutscenes or even modeling other characters. However, this can get repetitive… The trick is telling the right story in the most interesting way.

Word Choice. My original idea for the story of this game was a unique, slow paced action adventure that had the main character going through mostly the same locations over and over again, just in different scenarios. I quickly realized this was a mistake. You don’t need a ton of side characters… you need a few main ones that can do different things to help advance the story. It’s important to make sure all dialogue somehow progresses the story, and that the dialogue is from main characters. I want this game to be dramatic. I want to create scenarios that are unique as well as intriguing, and I want them to all affect the main character in some way.

Making it Interesting. Start off with a story. Then think “How can I change this in the most dramatic way possible while still making it believable and understandable?” It’s hard to put what I’m trying to say into words… but basically you need to create dramatic suspense. Characters need to be at an even match, they all need to have something to hide, they all need to have weaknesses and strengths.

Sorry that jumbled mess haha, here’s the LAST hint before the official announcement of my new game:


Note: That is NOT the main character 😉 or is it????

Let’s see if you can guess the title! 😀 Hopefully next time I’ll have the official announcement ready :)

Happy Gaming! 😀

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