Real World Ludum Dare 27 Gatherings

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August 5th, 2013 1:00 pm

While Ludum Dare is typically an online event (make a game from the comfort of your home), many real world events happen around Ludum Dare. Here’s the list:

If you want your event on the list, post a comment letting me know where your event is. Be sure to include a link to further details (either here on the blog, or elsewhere).

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  1. dlowe says:

    The Rogue Hack Lab in Medford, Oregon will be hosting:

    David Lowe

  2. Will Edwards says:

    Anyone planning anything in the south of sweden?

  3. Anyone in Florida interested in a quiet get-together near the pool again with notebooks?

  4. danhett says:

    Manchester UK, reporting in! We’re back again doing our weekend jam at Madlab in Manchester. On the Sunday we’ll also have the Manchester Girl Geeks in the house too, they’re doing all sorts of gaming fun and we’re going to have lightning talks and demos and things (including a session from last time’s jam winner, Leaf Me Alone!)

    There’s a few tickets left, all information can be found here:

    Also if it sells out, add yourself to the waiting list and we’ll notify you if anyone cancels.


  5. vincepascoe says:

    AH so both in Oakland at the same time I can play magic or participate in LD?!

    • laaph says:

      What is AH? The googles, it tells me nothing.

      There are so many things going on at the end of August that I almost didn’t make it myself. Even as it is, the second the event is done, I will have to be zooming off.

  6. Gaeel says:

    As one of the organisers of the event in Montpellier, France, I’d like to point out that:
    We have several members of the team who speak english and even come from english-speaking countries, and we have a large and welcoming community. Montpellier is also a great place to spend a few days, we have the beach not too far away, a few cultural places to visit, and a bustling fun-loving night-life.
    If you’re in need of some holidays and are not yet sure where to go, send us an email at and we’ll find someone who can set you up for a few days.

    To everyone who’s joining in on the fun around the world, let’s do this and have vast amounts of fun!

  7. Is anyone in Austin planning to get together for this? Let me know, please. Thanks!

  8. 8bitmuse says:

    The Game Maker’s Union will be hosting an event at Ryerson University (Engineering Building) in Toronto, Canada. More details are at:

    • bunnyhero says:

      when i click on the link to the toronto event, i just get sent to my own events page. i’m guessing the permissions are set so that i can’t see it? how does one get an invite?

      • bunnyhero says:

        ah, it seems to be for members of the ryerson game makers union only. that’s too bad. guess there’s no general toronto event. that makes the inclusion of this event on the main list kind of misleading IMHO…

  9. Yell0w says:

    Norway, Rogaland
    Im assembling a small Jam Team on the west coast of Norway for our first attempt at completing a game!
    More info:

  10. Adelaide, Australia –

    We are expecting a big turn-out after our showing at a local anime and video games convention!

  11. raarlac says:

    South Korea, let’s join! It would be great to have a place to gather 😛

  12. ccscanf says:

    Norway, Oslo:

    Bitraf will be hosting a Ludum Dare jam at its venue near Youngstorget in Oslo:

  13. irl says:

    Aberdeen, Scotalnd:

    The Aberdeen University Computing Science Society at the University of Aberdeen (that’s a mouthful) will be hosting a LD Meetup.

    Information at:

    Contact: Iain Learmonth

  14. crazycrimson says:

    Maybe someone could start a google hangout, for those of us that like companionship while we work for practically almost 48 hours straight. Do I need a good net connection to do that?

  15. lun says:

    Omsk, Russia
    Omsk State University

  16. Blooperly says:

    Nothing in SoCal? Lame. Can’t drive up to Oakland, that’s a little far 😛

  17. brodavi says:

    Maker’s Local 256, a hackerspace in Huntsville, AL will be hosting!

  18. Trikisatan says:

    Malmö, Sweden
    We’ve got Oculus Rift for those who wish to borrow

    • Will Edwards says:

      Exciting! Got details for those of us without fb logins?

      • Trikisatan says:

        “This weekend it’s time for Ludum Dare again and we’re hosting a small get-together for those who wish to participate.

        We’ve also got space for people who only wishes to sit down and enjoy the conversations and what-not.

        Be sure to post a comment on the event that you want to have a place for your computer and whether it’s stationary or a laptop.

        There’s room for a good time so bring a good mood!

        We’ve also got an Oculus Rift available if you wish to use that.”

        Currently we’re planning to be at:
        Kronetorpsgatan 92C
        21227 MALMÖ

        And we got room for about 5 programmers + 5 spectators (or developers if they can sit with a laptop in a couch).

        We might change location if we too many people that wants to join + somewhere to be.

        • Will Edwards says:

          The travel is a bit tricky for me, mostly because of the antisocial start/stop times for the competition for those of us on this side of the pond; but thank you for the heads up! I hope it goes really well.

          Do leave a list of those who attend in reply to this message after the competition, and I’ll take extra care to review and rate each one!


  19. sebb says:

    Are anyone planing anything near Copenhagen in Denmark?
    Or would like to? :)

  20. ajaxlex says:

    Hi All!! I wanted to let people in the upstate New York area that we are hosting a real-world gather at the Ithaca Generator Makerspace ( ) starting friday at 8PM.

    Ithaca Generator is located in the basement of the old Ithaca Journal Building, at 116 West Green St – down the alley from the chocolate shop.

    We hosted for the last competition and had a great time.

  21. munchor says:

    Anyone else from Portugal participating?

  22. deepnight says:

    We have 1 slot here at Motion Twin in Bordeaux, France :)
    Contact me here: ld27-AT-deepnight-DOT-net

  23. Itero Sobot says:

    I’m not near ANY of these places! I’m in North-Eastern Ohio with no friends interested in Game Development. How the heck do I find a recruiting team for the jam?!??!? Is it possible? I’ve been scouring the web looking for a way to join the Jam. If worse comes to worse, I will join the compo, but I don’t think I’m ready to produce a game on my own in 48 hours. Please notify me if you have room for someone with basic skills in Unity3D (C#), Maya, and Photoshop. I will practice all I can before the comp!

  24. Nick Snyder says:

    We are having a meetup in Dallas Friday evening and Sunday evening to help kick everything off and then showing your work off.

  25. Skye says:

    anyone throwing a mean party in the Boston area?

  26. Alexis Moroz says:

    Hello, we’re using the Jam Shaker tool in Paris to compose teams (it’s still in “beta”). There is no subscription limit:

  27. seth vincent says:

    In Seattle, Washington there will be a “show & tell” after the compo/jam concludes:

  28. Troyan says:

    Russia, Saint-Petersburg IT bar KLЮTCH

  29. ilges says:

    We will be hosting too!
    We have about 15 people confirmed to join!

    Novo Hamburgo/RS, Brasil –

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