Icarus HTML5 version

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August 4th, 2013 1:04 pm

Ludum Dare pageHTML5 Version (chrome recommended) | Post-7drts Version

Icarus screenshot

Icarus HTML5

I’ve been playing around with an html5 version of my 7drts game, icarus. I’m not sure how good the performance will be and I haven’t had time to do a complete playthrough so I’m unsure if there are any bugs. You can play it here (a webgl-enabled browser is needed. Press F10 to switch to fullscreen. Music doesn’t play in firefox atm, I’m looking into a fix. I’m hoping to get a linux version up by the weekend.

I’ve also been working on a post-7drts version with various bugfixes, tweaks and gameplay changes, I’m not sure how well it’s balanced but it can be played at http://karlin.itch.io/icarus.

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  1. vincepascoe says:

    how did you port it over to HTML 5? and great game the only one that had me clicking on stuff as fast as SC2 yet completely unique.

  2. karlin says:

    @vincepascoe I’m using gamemaker studio html5. It’s surprisingly robust and I’d definitely recommend it. I had a few small issues trying to produce random numbers (the random() function would produce the same number when it was executed from within the with() command) but apart from that everything ran pretty smoothly.

    Thanks for playing :)

    I’ve just uploaded a bugfix as the end screen didn’t work correctly, should be okay now.

  3. karlin says:

    I’ve uploaded a new version as I’d left some test code in (the A key would jump to the end). Apologies to anyone who encountered this bug.

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