7DRTS Some Favourites

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August 1st, 2013 9:05 am

I’ve only played a small fraction of all the 7DRTS Games but here’s a few of my favourites

Pillagers! by superjoe

Pillagers screenshot


A very fun game where you must steer your flagship to then end of each level defeating various enemies along the way. I really loved the unique way the ships controlled and the art is rather nice.

Spawner Pawners by rubna

Spawner Pawners screenshot

Spawner Pawners

A bomberman-esque strategy game where you must collect bombs from your home base in order to defeat the other play. Offers a unique twist on bomberman and has a simple yet appealing art style.

Power Grab by MiniBobbo

Power Grab screenshot

Power Grab

An interesting take on the strategy genre which offers a more hands off approach. The player places power plants which are used to power units which then attack the enemy. The game probably needs a little work to give it more of a strategic element but the presentation is very nice and I wish more strategy games would follow the lead of this game in replacing micromanagement with macromanagement.

Interstellar by avh4

Interstellar screenshot


Another one which takes a much more hands off approach. All the interaction the player has is adjusting the levels of research into a particular field each research leading to another. As you progress your civilisation begins to travel to other stars which in turn must research new technologies. The game excels in creating a relaxing mood and despite having little, if any, difficulty I found myself playing for quite some time. The author intends to continue working on it and I can’t wait to see what it becomes.

World’s Aftermath by James Daniello & Nicolas Ickovic

World's Aftermath screenshot

World’s Aftermath

Last and certainly not least is World’s Aftermath. The game is probably one of the most conventional games on this list but the high level of polish, very nice graphics and solid gameplay makes it a very enjoyable experience. Well worth a play.

4 Responses to “7DRTS Some Favourites”

  1. rubna says:

    Thanks for mentioning my game here! :D:D:D

  2. superjoe says:

    Cheers mate! +1 Holo Wars

  3. karlin says:

    @rubna no problem, thanks for making such a great game :)

    @kill0u @superjoe Looks great, I’ll take a look right away.

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