Power Grab Postmortum

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July 31st, 2013 6:28 pm

So I’m extremely happy with the finish to MiniLD44.  My entry Power Grab is about 90% to where I wanted it when I started the whole process.  Unfortunately, the 10% that is missing is pretty key to the whole experience so I’m treating the current state as a technical test of the mechanics.  There is also a nasty, really obscure bug in the code that will crash the game when some unlikely combination of events happen.  It is something like a bullet tries to hit a unit when the parent of the unit that fired the bullet was destroyed.  I’ve only had it occur once and thought I’d fixed the code, but others are reporting the same problem so I need to do a little more digging…

You can play it here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/minild-44/?action=preview&uid=22584


I finished with a playable game.

I had an extremely limited feature list because I knew everything was going to be complex and I was able to implement everything in the time allowed, with the exception of the status display for the selected units…

LibGDX worked great

I used an MCV architecture to split the model, control, and view pieces of the code.  I can now make changes to the visuals and UI without rewriting any back end code.

I stepped the graphics back to a pixel look and I think the final product is better for it.


I had no framework for structuring my code.  I would forget what a method did what and accidentally call helper methods in the place of main ones, which would cause all sorts of problems.

The aforementioned bug.  I can’t duplicate the set of circumstances that cause it so I can’t troubleshoot it

There are no win or loss conditions since destroying the power stations is impossible.

I didn’t have time to make my own music, so I grabbed some from opengameart.org


The AI.  I’d never written an AI for an RTS before.  This one is actually almost completely random but actually puts up a fight, which surprised me.  It is easily exploitable, but for about 20 minutes work I’m happy with it.

The instructions are ok for explaining what to do, but not how the units interact with one another.

The UI is getting there.  It needs some work to really give the player a clear picture of what is going on.

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