Icarus – 7DRTS

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July 29th, 2013 3:06 pm

Somehow, despite losing a big chunk of code hours before the end of 7DRTS, I’ve managed to release my first mini LD game. I’m fairly happy with it, although I would have loved an extra day or two to balance the difficulty a bit and fix some of the “quirks” in the game engine.

Icarus Screenshot


The game takes place in a star system with 11 planets, all colonised by the player. The star in the centre has exhausted all of it’s hydrogen causing runaway fusion to occur. This means that the player must work their way to the outer planets less affected by the solar expansion. The ultimate aim being to build an interstellar colony ship to escape from the dying sun.

I had initially planned to have some of the planets populated with an AI which would mean you must fight for control of some of the outer planets. As the game progressed their would be fewer and fewer planets and therefore resources forcing the player and the AI to fight over what little is left. By day 3 I realised this probably wouldn’t be possible within the 7 days so I had to cut it.

I’m hoping to work a little more on this, so please post any suggestions in the comments. I’ll post a full post-mortem in a few days when I’m a little less tired.

You can view the ludum dare page here.

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