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July 29th, 2013 8:55 pm

Mobius Poster 550

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If you’ve ever been fishing, you probably know the feeling of hooking something big, pulling it to the surface, getting it almost to the shore and… splash! The hook is out and the fish is gone, deep into the weeds, cartoon curse words bubbling up in its wake, and real ones blotting out the sun from the hands holding the rod.

Normally, that’s how I feel after 48 hours of Ludum Dare: like something got away, and I lost whatever I was after. But by stretching this out over seven days, even though the fish got away (like it always seems to do!), I really enjoyed the fight to bring it home.

This was my first compo entry since I officially founded Oreganik LLC as a business. When I started, I tried to balance working all day on one game (Chess Heroes), then coming home, being a good husband and father for a few hours, then working on this game. THAT WAS EXHAUSTING. Then I realized: hey, I make games for a living! I can just do this as my day job! :) So Thursday and Friday were full dev days, as were Sunday (after waking up deep in the forest) and Monday. All told, this represents about 40 hours of work, and hey! It’s a great foundation! Now I get to see if enough people are excited about what Mobius could have been to see if it’s a candidate for full-time development at a later date.

I also learned some good rules to follow for next time. And, because this is officially “what I do” now, I can take the time to properly write it all down. Stuff like “how to write an extensible transaction model that simplifies functionality and centralizes data.” And then MAKE that model, and then have it in the pocket for the next compo.


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