Hi! I go by auto_suggestion, and I’m a fairly newb-ish game developer. This is my first Ludum Dare anything, and I’ve been really excited to participate since several years ago when I first heard about Ludum Dare.

Yes, it’s already the final day of the 7dRTS challenge and this is my first post, but I’m just going to talk about my entire process from the day I conceived the idea until now. In any case I’m really glad how things turned out, and I’m still motivated to continue working; even after the Monday deadline comes and goes. The 7dRTS challenge has given me a push, if not a push to the finish line.


I did a lot of thinking about the RTS genre. I love playing and watching RTS games, being a League of Legends player and crappy Starcraft player. Much deliberation led to listing the elements of an RTS in writing in order to clear my thoughts; this is what I came up with:

  • Resource management / building units
  • Unit placement / control / micromanagement
  • Base management / placement
  • Map / terrain considerations

My game idea (partly affected by the fact that I knew I had to aim low to get anything done at all) was to abstract one element and make it the focus of my game, and at the same time de-emphasize every other element. I decided to focus on resource management. Here’s an early mockup.



A two-player game. You are responsible for two things: collecting resources and spending them. You have a set number of workers that you can allocate to each type of resource, red, green and blue (hence the name of the game, ‘rgb’). The number of workers allocated determines the speed at which you collect that resource. The resources you collect can then be used to build certain units. For example, a unit of the grunt class costs 1 blue, 1 red, and 1 green. This is where the creativity comes in. Unfortunately, I haven’t thought about this part at all, and I have no experience with game balancing. Fortunately, designing and balancing the units is a completely self-contained job and has no effect on development of the engine, which I’m working on now, so there’s no pressure to think about that now. I have some good ideas floating around, though. :)

Anyway,  your units are completely AI controlled (no micro for you!; a de-emphasis of unit control). They’ll leave your base immediately upon being built and make a beeline for the enemy base, stopping only to attack the enemy units in the way. There are several lanes which the units can spread out on, so that there won’t be a problem of bottlenecking like in the flash game, Age of War (does anyone know about this?)


That’s essentially it for the idea. As for actual progress, here’s a screenshot of “gameplay” (though my game is not playable yet):



One major concern I have is multiplayer implementation. What about private information, like total resources collected? Isn’t it possible to immediately counter the enemy the moment they start building something? Stuff like that. The end-goal is putting the bases on separate screens, essentially splitting the battlefield in half and putting them on their own screens, probably on mobile devices. I can think only of Spaceteam, which uses Bluetooth for multiplayer. I have no experience there either, so that’s a milestone for another day.

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