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Today I worked on making the level format and core engine more robust. I added a bunch more dogfighting levels. There are 11 now, and they get pretty crazy at the end.

The cool thing about them is that the core game engine does not even know that you are in “Dogfighting Mode”. There’s no dogfightingMode variable that tells the engine that’s what you’re doing. Instead, thelevel format supports trigger conditions, events, and groups, and the logic of dogfighting is done in the level JSON file.

Michael gave me the battle music today as well. It sounds amazing. I made it so that the game automatically detects when you are entering or exiting a battle and transitions the music appropriately. I’m pleased with the effect.

Here’s a list of what I got done today:

  • 12am – Added battle music. The game automatically detects when a battle is happening and fades in the battle music, then fades back to normal music once the battle is over.
  • 1am – Added more dogfighting levels.
  • 3am – Worked on making dogfighting levels more fun. You have to try again if you die rather than respawning.
  • 4am – Made the Militia ship show the area of attack when you are manually piloting it.
  • 6am – Sandbox Mode: Ability to load and save. I was able to use this to build some dogfighting levels.
  • 7am – Added more dogfighting levels.

I did not accomplish most of what I set out to today. Regardless, I am really happy with Dogfighting Mode right now. It’s almost certainly more fun than Campaign Mode currently.

Here’s a video of me playing through it:

This version of the game is going to be pretty close to the final one that I submit for 7dRTS. I will probably only spend about 6-8 more hours on this debugging on Firefox and bugfixing. I will not be supporting Internet Explorer.

You can try out dogfighting yourself. Too hard? Too easy?

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  1. DMT says:

    I lost in the dogfight haha. I might have had a better chance if my weapon range was a tiny bit longer. I kept passing the hostile and I was out of range when I was finally aimed at him properly.

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