I’m done! Second game ever, finito

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July 28th, 2013 3:04 pm

So, after a day and a bit, I’ve finished my second ever Ludum Dare game, game jam game, and game full stop, in one fell swoop.  BotWars is a real time, tactical local multiplayer tank battler where you hopelessly try and control four tanks at once, while fighting over the space key with your friend.  It was also my first time working in 3D, using Unity, and I must say, is it one sexy piece of kit.  My game works on Win/Linux/Apple, with absolutely not extra effort required from me.  Rather stellar, really.


So, what have I learnt?

Smaller is better.  Really.  I know I said so last time, but it really came in use this time around, working with software I wasn’t used to and with not as much time as I’d have liked.  Power-ups were cut, AI got cut, and I didn’t even try to make network multiplayer.  Am I disappointed?  A little.  Some semblance of AI, even if all it did was randomly wander through the map, would have been good, but hey, baby steps.

Polish is good.  And I don’t do any.  I really don’t.  After a day and a bit of coding, I was so damn knackered, I just wanted to publish and go home.  So take breaks, and figure out some time to do stuff like improve your sound and graphics.  Oh, and put in an actual end condition.  I don’ think I did :(

Take liberties with the theme.  I was never, ever going to finish an actual RTS in 2 or so days.  So I made an RTS-lite, and  you know what?  I think I probably learnt more.  This is the whole point of game jams!  Proper RTSes are silly anyways.

Play to your strengths.  I’m a terrible coder, a terrible artist, and a rather good writer.  So why aren’t I including any damn writing?  I really need to start thinking ahead, and use what I’m good at, even if it doesn’t feel like a conventional way to approach games.


So that’s it!  7DRTS, done.  I’ll see you for the next LD, or possibly for 7DFPS.



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