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July 27th, 2013 10:14 am

Good new everyone 😀

EGGZ is a real-time strategy game with eggz in it…


I was really happy to hear that there’s a 7 Day RTS, because I really love RTS game – it’s a pity more indies don’t make them!

Anyhow, we held this friendly multiplayer oriented game jam called the “Funky Future” last weekend, so I decided to make a single-screen competitive RTS controlled with the keyboard (or a gamepad) and with no elimination. The game was basically finished last weekend, but I’ve been tweaking it and doing bugfixes since then.

Eggz is sort of based on my previous “Funky Future” entry, an HTML 5 network game called Hubris, in the sense that all the resources are on the map: players don’t have a resource “pool”, their units are their resources.

Eggz placeholder art

Day 1

I’ve had a lot of people compare it to a sort of real-time Go: your eggz need fertile ground to grow on, and when fully grown can hatch into various static units which can defend the surrounding area. You can also steal your opponents eggz and drop them on infertile ground or next to your towers, just to annoy them. The goal is to capture 51% of the map.

Eggz 7 day version

Day 7

I still have a couple more tweaks I’d like to do, and I should probably write an AI so you can play by yourself. I have compiled a build, but the source (love2d lua) is up on github under LGPL when a build is ready I’ll pop it over on the LD game page.

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