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It has been wonderful relying only upon circles in this physics engine. The math is simple and beautiful, and it’s easy to write fast code. Who needs polygons anyway?

Today was a good day. Pillagers is now actually a game. What I got done:

  • 5pm – Added more of Michael’s sound effects into the game.
  • 5pm – Tweaked the physics.
  • 5pm – Added some cheats to help speed up testing.
  • 6pm – Added text in Level 1 to explain controls.
  • 7pm – The game shows how much cash you have.
  • 10pm – You keep your same fleet when progressing to the next level.
  • 12am – Added a new Level 2.
  • 12am – Made unlocking ships work.
  • 12am – Made it so you get cash from killing enemy ships.
  • 12am – Tweak the money system.
  • 1am – Made it so you can scroll and give orders while paused.
  • 1am – Fixed some game crashes and bugs.
  • 2am – Modified attacking AI to stay within certain speed limits. Makes the game less chaotic.
  • 3am – Added ability to skip tutorial levels.
  • 4am – Better squad formation.
  • 4am – Updated the Move & Engage command to be more effective.
  • 6am – Added Civilian ships and plan out Level 4.
  • 7am – Add Artillery ship and finish implementing Level 4.
  • 8am – Fix the crash which happened at the end of the demo below.


Screencast demo:



3 Responses to “Pillagers! 7dRTS Game Development Journal – Day 4”

  1. zzForrest says:

    I took the time to destroy a meteor and was heavily disappointed that I didn’t receive any money. I really like the aesthetic ( all except for that ‘game over’ screen ), and the music was nice. I think the militia units need adjusting, because they are not worth it in the least. You could maybe increase the size of their electric bolts, and the range at which it deploys?. On level 3, cut down on their units because it feels rigged in the enemy favor. Other than that, this game is really shaping up to be a good entry!

  2. superjoe says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Duly noted.

    Destroying meteors is boring. Adding a bounty to meteors would incentivize destroying them. I don’t want to incentivize boring behavior.

    Balancing the units is going to be tricky. I’ll keep tweaking.

  3. Damn impressive for 4 days work. Can’t wait to see the rest.

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