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July 26th, 2013 2:20 pm

I have been working on my 7drts for the past 5 (+2) days, and I guess it is time to make a quick blog post about it, so that I have a recent record beyond the git logs.

My intent was to make a micro-dota or dota like type thing. I have also been recently applying a very strict visual limitation to my jam games, in an attempt to stretch a specific type of muscle, and to lower art costs. I spent the last weekend trying to get netplay up and running, and after two days, I packed it in. I have permission from the job to work on this during the day though, so I was able to switch gears on monday and hammer away on the core game. I had something playable by midday tuesday, and had tweaked a bunch of the parameters and behaivors for the rest of that day and wednesday.

You can see two versions of the project below:

One of the big issues was that I was intending to make a 3 player game, and the fact that I only had one other person in the office this week made it such that I couldn’t properly test it. So it was a choice at the end of wednesday of either adding netplay, or hanging up the whole project until I could get a third person around to test it. I decided (probably wisely), to re attempt to get netplay working. By thursday evening (late, late evening) I had it such that you could see the players moving around, and by mid day friday I had something that was playable. Unfortunately it was full of bugs, but I managed to clear all those by end of (work)day friday. After that I got some 3 player matches in, and got really valuable feedback on mechanic changes that could be made to make it more interesting and deep.

I think I will probably take tomorrow to polish the game, make netplay a more enjoyable experience (put in a chat room in front, make the game actually go back to the lobby chat at the end, have player names), add audio, and more pleasant graphics. There is some lore that I want to cram in somewhere, but I am not sure where it wil go. Possibly just on the pre and post game screens.

On sunday, if I am not totally burned out, I will give the mechanic changes a shot and see if anyone from twitter or where ever will be able to test them with me.

If anyone wants to play a build, here it is.

unity webplayer… you will need two friends, it doesn’t work with less players anymore. Find friends to play with on irc or im I guess.

controls are arrows to move and z, which brings up a selection menu that you can choose the state your hero is in.


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