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July 25th, 2013 2:12 am

Busy day improving the selection system, new features include:

  • Selection system working much better, tons of bugs fixed and tons to go!
  • Prevent selecting when occluded(like though terrain or other objects when drag-selecting multiple units). Really happy about this feature.
  • HP bars that would function if the enemies weren’t so lazy.
  • GUI though only the mini map is functioning.

Tomorrow I hope to fix the camera controls, AI auto attack, and finish the GUI. I am excited to be near done with these mechanics so I can start to really design a  game around them.

As always the web demo can be found here.


W,A,S,D – Move | Ctrl – toggle select all units | Space – change view angle
Mouse Left Button – Select units (click, drag, shift click) (sorry not shift + drag)
Mouse right click – set target for selected unit | Mouse middle button – change view angle | mouse scrool – change view height

Updated view of my RTS

Updated view of my RTS


4 Responses to “Even closer now”

  1. Shigor says:

    Doesn’t work: Error launching unity player: bad file length.

    What version of the unity you use?

  2. DMT says:

    I was just uploading a new build or two actually. Must have caught me during the transfer. Can you try again? I am using version 4.1.5f1

  3. stenol says:

    Working fine ! Keep on good work. :)

  4. Viridian says:

    This seriously reminds me of an old Bullfrog game called Gene Wars.

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