To recap: We are making a Side View RTS that was inspired by Worms. You directly interact with individual units to manually aim their shots (and shot power) to attack, no right click & hope for the best here. Imagine a game of Worms where everything is attacking and moving all the time, rather than one by one turn based. That’s Troops! 😀


Gameplay Overview

  • Game consists to two teams with around 8 Troops each, placed at either side of the screen. Shoot your enemy until there is nothing left to shoot.
  • Manually aim individual troops shot trajectory & shot power, or select multiple units to mimic the same orders.
  • Weapons have a set reload time, more powerful weapons take longer to reload. Troop needs to stand still to reload, moving will reset the reload time. You can adjust aim & power without interrupting the Reload.
  • Game ends when one army is wiped out. No base building, its all about the Troops.
  • Destructible Environments: A fully destructible level was too much for a week jam. So we have destructible objects scattered around the level instead. Road signs & Street lamps, Mandatory Explosive Barrels ect.


Art Level Progress

  • Added middle sewer section for more interesting level design
  • Added props to compliment 3 tiers/themes of the map. Post-Apocalyptic Surface, Sewer and Mines.
  • Created Collision Mesh
  • Started first lighting pass
  • Tweaking visual style gel better with character aesthetics.


Code Progress

  • Selection, pathfinding, movement and shooting between multiple players via a deterministic lockstep method. To connect players a lobby system is used allowing users to name and host their game or alternatively search and join available games.
  • Today we’re implementing core gameplay mechanics: health, damage, auto fire and reloading.

Next Time!

– Rigged & Animated Characters

– guns! Guns! GUNS!

– Another Predator reference?

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  1. DMT says:

    That…looks…awesome. Great level!

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