This article is copied from my personal blog. has been very good to me. I think this will be my new go-to game dev art supply. So far I’ve found everything I’ve wanted on that site, except for a meteor sprite. Maybe I’ll make one and contribute back.

Michael made a lazer sound and a ship thrusting sound, and I added the sound effects to the game. In addition to that, I made a ton of progress today:

  • 3pm – draw flags only if selected
  • 5pm – add another class of ship
  • 8pm – found out I was using t * a ^ 2 + t * v for acceleration instead of a ^ 2 * t + v * t. I fixed all the math and made ships arriving at gather points nice and smooth.
  • 9pm – added team colors overlayed on ships
  • 10pm – gave the Militia ship an electric melee attack
  • 11pm – gave Militia ships smart attacking AI
  • 12am – made Ranger ships pursue targets
  • 2am – added TurretShip and FlagShip
  • 3am – added support for ships with backwards thrusters
  • 3am – added move & engage command
  • 3am – improved ship selection capabilities
  • 5am – added title screen, credits screen, and game over screen. I made it possible to win and lose the game.
  • 5am – added title screen and credits screen

Here’s the title screen:

Here’s a screenshot of a battle underway:

Battles can get hectic and chaotic, but it is fun to watch it play out. Here’s a video of me demoing a battle:

YouTube Video

Again, you can playtest this game in your browser right now using the same url as Day 1. Feel free to give me feedback or advice.

I came up with some ideas on what bigger picture gameplay will look like which I am pretty pleased with. There will be a bunch of different classes of ships, for example:

Basic cheap unit. Has short range. Agile. Actually doesn’t shoot lazers, shoots a short range but powerful lightning attack out the front. It must resort to charging other ships to attack them.
Short range weak lazers. Less agile. Less defense. In a level, a Militia should be able to overtake a Ranger and kill it.
Slower, shoots big lazers. Slow moving, weak defense.
Does not attack. Has high defense. Moves very slowly.
Stationary lazer shooter.
Heals other ships.

There will be some obvious deficiencies with the ships targeting systems and AI. These can be helped with upgrades, such as:

  • Targeting
    • Target the first enemy found (default)
    • Target the closest enemy.
    • Communicate with others to divide up the targets evenly.
  • Ranger
    • Upgrade range.
    • Update bullet count to 3.
    • Evasive maneuvers 1.
    • Evasive maneuvers 2.
    • Smarter aiming.
    • Backwards thrusters.
  • Militia
    • Evade lazers.
    • Backwards thrusters.
    • Smarter aiming.

You will start with only a flagship, and as you progress throughout the campaign, you will start to build up a convoy that gets ever bigger and more powerful. You’ll need it to be bigger and more powerful to get through later levels, in fact.

Here’s what’s next on the TODO list:

  • Build simpler level 1 where you only have to navigate your flag ship around meteors.
  • Give the player some cash and let them choose to build Ranger ships or Militia ships using the Flagship.
  • Create level 2 where you have to destroy the enemy flagship and then fly your flagship through the created portal.

I’m at a pretty good checkpoint right now. I’m calling it a night.

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  1. Viridian says:

    The action looks very smooth and kinetic. Good stuff so far.

  2. So finally tried it out. For some reason I thought the game was more like a side-scrolling shoot ’em up that has RTS controls…

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