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July 24th, 2013 4:49 am






…is a game about a beginner shopkeeper working to build the best newspaper stand in town.

Juggle with deliveries, resources and hirelings as you unlock upgrades to boost sales.


Playable here.

Click on NPCs that approach the stand to sell newspapers, click on shopkeeper to restock newspapers (newspaper icon) or convert currency (dollar stack icon).

Still very much a work in progress.


Rough log of events:


Day 1:

– Formulated basic idea

– Stacking system for newspapers / money

– Character system & Wandering NPCs



Day 2:

– Further refined stand

– Added character actions

– Re-stocking newspapers using shopkeeper menu & stand money


Day 3:

– Different currencies/resources (rocks, bottle caps, cigarettes, dollars)

– Settled on a style and did an art pass



Day 4:

– Some more art tweaking.

– Y-axis & depth sorting for wandering NPCs

– NPCs will now approach the stand when they want to buy a newspaper


Day 5:

– Added thieves

– Added floating texts


Day 6:

– Added time of day & ambient fx

– Added stashing


Day 7:

– Added dealers

– Added upgrades

– Added variable NPC count depending on time of the day

2 Responses to “Newspaperts WIP”

  1. zzForrest says:

    Really cool so far! It would be nice, though, if the traffic on the streets affected your sales, or if they already do, were more visibly effective. I already am enjoying it, although I’m not really feeling the “strategy” at the moment.

    • Orava says:

      It’s currently very WIP, with just the stand and currency systems set up. I do plan on adding upgrades and stuff so you can lure more people to your stand and whatnot.

      More strategy will also be added as it gets closer to feature complete, since you’re going to have to juggle so many things at once. In the end you have to prioritise certain things to keep your stand running… If all goes according to the plan that is.

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