Air Command Sitrep Day 2

Posted by of Indie (twitter: @@MarvinHawkins)
July 24th, 2013 6:31 am

My game build is Oscar Mike! Okay. Sorry, I’ll stop the modern war talk. Yesterday I made some nice progress on the game. I have a basic win/lose loop.

Rockets Attack the bomber mobs, the timer countdowns to 0

Rockets Attack the bomber mobs, the timer countdowns to 0


I decided to make the game work on a timer. The player has a set amount of time to get his bomber mobs to the target. I made the bomber mobs automatically spawn, and go to their target. To defend itself, the computer has towers that shoot homing rockets. If I add more than 3 turrets, the bombers have no shot.

Now I work on the strategy part. I’m going to give the player units to fight the turrets, and give the bombers more of a fighting chance.

After, I’m going to create enemy fighter mobs to defend their turrets. I’m trying to set the game up as a rock v scissors interaction. The strategy is in how soon/when you deploy your mobs. If you deploy your fighters too soon, they may not be able to defend the bomber waves. I may expand the game with rounds.

For now, I’m trying to start small, and work outward. Usually my projects suffer from mental feature creep. Game jams tend to enhance my usual bad game design habits; so I’m happy that I’ve made it this far with this approach.

Forgot to mention, my inspiration is kind of a mash up between Flight Control and Clash of Clans.

In 2009, I imagined Air Command as a more war like version of Flight control

I’m a recovering Clash of Clans addict. I really liked the game’s GUI unit deployment battle system. I’m going for something like that with Air Command I wish they made a non iap version.

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  1. vincepascoe says:

    one of the games I had planed out was just like flight control but I really couldn’t figure out how that would work in a rts love to see what you come up with.

  2. Thanks! I just uploaded another blog. I’m still playing around with this. I don’t think I’ll have the player direct the bomber’s paths, rather, they automatically pathfind on thier own. Each unit has a set enemy they attack by default. I’ll keep you updated on the type of gameplay I decided.

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