Today wasn’t as difficult as yesterday, at least on my end. I got some preliminary planning done, as well as fixing some bugs. I feel today was a lot more productive than Day 1. I personally was streaming for most of the day. Sebastian’s stream however was only for about 30 minutes before it fell apart completely.

What I accomplished on Day 2 of #7DRTS


  • Fixed some issues with the ranged weaponry, although I still have a lot to fix that I am planning to do on Day 3. Namely, the problem with the PC controls being inverse, and the 360 controls refusing to work at all.
  • I replaced the jump sound effect to something less annoying.
  • I designed the tutorial level, but I still need to add the dialogue, enemies, heroes, towers, and everything else.
  • I added melee combat, and that is perfectly working on everything but Windows Phone. I will do the Windows Phone implementation post- ludum dare. I just need to implement the animations Sebastian will be working on tomorrow.


Tomorrow I plan on finishing the split screen, the map editor, and beginning the networking. I will face a huge host of issued tomorrow doing all of that, and I won’t even have the whole day to do it, as I have to spend a large amount of the day at the dentist.

With the split screen my challenges will be making it an option to have the game but with split screen, if you click “Start Local.” I will also have to create a Player 2 class, but that shouldn’t be as difficult.

With the map editor, I just need to implement the sprites Sebastian does, and keep that updated.

With the networking I will have to deal with learning how to actually do it, implementing the lidgren libraries, and the same issue with making it an option called “Start Online”


Those are the challenges I will be facing Day 2. I really hope we can get the game playable in time for the end of the competition, but I am starting to worry we may not finish it in time. Even worse, the exhaustion is starting to set in. The work gets harder and harder as time goes on. Oh well. Hopefully I can make it playable by the end of Day 6, and leave Day 7 to fix things.


If you want to follow this developer blog easier, then go to I will be posting these blogs there, in addition to here.

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