Dim Wars – Day #1

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July 23rd, 2013 6:07 am

Hi there! First time participating in a Ludum Dare challenge. During this MiniLD I’ll experiment with this idea I have using Enchant.js – a cool javascript framework I found.

About that game I’m going to make – I had this idea for a RTS game which has multiple dimensions. These dimensions will be visible on the same map and will be distinguished by colour. To go to another dimension there are special units who can open up a portal to a certain dimension. Furthermore, this game will use traditional RTS elements.

What will this mean for the gameplay? First of all, the players cannot see each others units if they are in a different dimension. So, if player one has a unit in dimension A, gathering resources, player two is not able to see the other player’s unit because his unit is in dimension B (see picture below).

DimWars - dimensions

Of course the player himself can see his own units in all dimensions. Also, each player’s base is placed in a different dimension. In a normal RTS you have to look for the player on the same map, but in this game you will have to travel to other dimensions to seek the enemy.

Perhaps it all sounds a bit complicated for now. But I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible. Already I’m behind schedule ( mainly because of the nice weather :) ). But by the end of this MiniLD I hope to show everyone at least the basic gameplay of Dim Wars!

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