Lets pretend this is opposite land, screw the introductions and jump straight in!

So, we are making an RTS inspired by the Worms games of old. That should give you a vague idea of where we are going with this, and the best part is that statement holds more depth than you might expect.

Time to hammer this concept home!

  • Side-view Camera: Yup! This RTS will be using a side view camera, it was inspired by Worms after all.
  • Guns!: Yes, we will have those. Code are focusing on the Rocket Launcher first, so if it works then drinks all around! (Then get back to work!)
  • Real Time Combat: ‘But.. but Worms is a Turn Based Game!’ Yes I know! The challenge is to make a Real Time Strategy though, so that’s what it’s going to be!
    Players can select a Troop to aim their shot individually, or select a bunch and have them mimic each-others aim. Once a Troop fires a shot, they will have a reload time (varies depending on weapon), once the reload completes they will fire again. So, the player will have to micro manage their Troops position, where they are aiming, and the power of their shot. So it’s going to be a Super Hectic Real Time Combat Worms Styley Strategy Game. A SHRTCWSSG if you will.
  • ¬†Multiplayer: Hopefully by the end of the week it will be networked, so you and a friend can battle it out over the interwebs!
  • Art Style: Big Guns! Big Troops! Big Explosions! Unfiltered, Uncensored 80’s Action Movie inspired goodness!

Day 1 Progress

We have a basic game-play prototype with moving, aiming, firing, and path-finding. The image below the selection and moving of blocks around a thing! SHIP IT!


Art has made great progress, you can see the current state of a level below. Day 2 will be spent populating this with loads of little details to make it feel more like a ruined city that still semi-functions.


So that’s the Day 1 post! ¬†Things are going well, so tune in next time to see everything go horribly wrong.

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