Yes, it is spelled Defence instead of Defense in other variations of English that aren’t American English. :p

Anyway, I am Xeon Gutierrez of Kerinova Game Studios, and I will be participating in #7DRTS, or Mini Ludum Dare 44. There will be one other person working with me: Sebastian Benjamin. He will be doing his day 0 blog later today.

We are making a game called Defence Paradigm. It is intended to be a 2D ARTS/MOBA, but with far more RTS elements than MOBA, and not top down. We are hoping we can get online multiplayer done in time, but it will be difficult. If we do have extra time, I will add leaderboards, and port it to more platforms.

Anyway, enough with the introductions. Without further ado, the nominal amount of work I have achieved on Sunday, the 0th day.


  • Set up my Twitch account, and got Twitch premium, as to be able to stream as much of the Ludum Dare process as I can. // This proved more problematic than I first expected, as I got an issue when I used my password, and only realized an hour in that I needed to use the stream key. Then I started optimizing the stream for high quality, and little-to-no lag.
  • Designed the game using a game design document template. //This, other than naming everything, proved relatively easy.
  • Then for most of the work of that day, I set up the engine I would be using for Defence Paradigm. I would use a modified version of the Strider Run engine, which was a custom built engine we were using for our first game. All I did was work on importing the engine, as well as mixing in the GameState engine provided by Microsoft.

Anyway, that is all we have accomplished on Day 0. Now it is time to work, as it is now Day 1. Do tune into my Twitch channel if you want to see the development process. I will be streaming most of the day on

If you want to follow this developer blog easier, then go to I will be posting these blogs there, in addition to here.

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