This is madness!

This is MiniLD #44!

The goal is to make an RTS game in 7 days, and I love RTS games.  Not to mention we are allowed to use pre-existing code, and have 7 days, so unlike a normal Ludum Dare I actually have a hope in Hell of getting something done.

Once I get up tomorrow, my 7-Day RTS odyssey will begin!  I hope to blog a little about my progress each day, though it’s hard to say whether or not I’ll have the time.  I will also be cross-posting on my personal blog.

I will be using some code I wrote previously for handling importing graphical assets and moving sprites around, as well as some code for playing sounds and for generating Voronoi diagrams. My first order of business, tomorrow, will be pulling that code together into a seamless whole for use as the base of my game.

My Game

Insurrection, a space-themed RTS game about taking down an Empire while managing public approval of your rebellion.

My Tools

C++, using the SFML library
Code::Blocks as my IDE
Paint.Net for the game’s art
…LMMS for sound?… we’ll see.

So starting tomorrow morning, it’s full steam ahead!  See you on the other side!  Good luck everybody, and have fun!

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