On the topic of Realistic Humans in games

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July 20th, 2013 6:40 pm

For my new action adventure game I began to work with crowds and realistic human characters to serve as main characters. At first, I thought detailing and animating all these would be difficult… and it was. In fact, I’ve really only made a few models so far, and the “crowd” I had originally planned looks like it’s just going to take too much work to be a big part of the gameplay I had intended. Live and learn, I guess. This, however, didn’t stop me from modeling main characters for the game’s story. I found out that even a few simple face bones can convey a large amount of emotions. This model only uses 5 face bones – two for brows, two for mouth corners, and one jaw bone:


The eyes aren’t textured in this image. 😛 Lip syncing for my game is actually proving quite easy — because the individual sound sources play independently, using code I can detect the volume of just one character’s voice file and then smoothly move the jaw bone to represent the audio data. Sure, it doesn’t look the best, but with a little more tweaking it will be at the quality I want for the finished version of the game. (At the very least his mouth will move in sync with the words) 😛

The game is coming along very well, and I’ve been working on making some interesting levels and gameplay. Lastly here’s another hint on the theme and title:


Only one more after this before the big announcement! (Hopefully 😛 )

Happy Gaming, Ludum Dare! (Sorry for writing this in the middle of a Mini-LD haha)


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4 Responses to “On the topic of Realistic Humans in games”

  1. Puzzlem00n says:

    To attack, assualt, storm, or besiege. Is that a tanning booth or a coffin? (What’s the difference? Ha-cha-cha!)

  2. Puzzlem00n says:

    Also, you might find that you need to do a little more manual work then just syncing lips with volume alone. Mouths make a lot of different shapes.

    • I’ll see what I can do but for non-main characters I think it looks pretty realistic as long as they aren’t viewed up close, which they won’t be during gameplay…. hopefully 😛 Either way I’m satisfied with the current state of the lip syncing for now, and I have more important stuff like stealth tactics to flesh out 😉

  3. NaoisTheGuardian says:

    I believe that it has something to do with an induced sleep or hypnotic state, with some form of terrorism. Possibly someone or some group of people are trying to Mentally attack people to get them to do something. A bit like inception I guess.

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