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July 19th, 2013 6:55 pm

My roommate and I are in! But we already have an RTS-ish game that we’ve been working on for a while, so we’re going to use this week as motivation to pump out a lot of content and get the game to a playable state, but there has been too much work already done to submit it as an entry to 7dRTS. This game started back in LD 24, although we never actually finished a game we could submit. Since then, the game has been fleshed out and rewritten to work with the engine I wrote to use for LD 25 called Fission.

So the game is a multiplayer, sidescrolling, shmup RTS in a procedurally generated 2D universe. You colonize planets, build your drone army, then fly to other planets to conquer and expand. Much of the base game is functional, we just need to get the content in. There are many buildings that still need to be implemented, and right now there is only one type of drone. Enough chitchat – screenshots!









So the goal for this 7dRTS jam is to add in most, if not all, of the structure and drone types, bringing the game to a playable state. The game is operational now though, and we’d very much appreciate some testers to help us stress test! It’s only built for Windows now, but we’ll build it for Linux and Mac in the future (all of our 3rd party libraries are cross platform).

Grab the current build here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17256312/WinClient.zip

EDIT: Controls.

– Hold W to move, you’ll move toward your mouse cursor.

– Left/Right mouse buttons to shoot.

– Up/Down to zoom in/out.

– Press T to chat, enter to send a message.

– Press the structure looking button on the HUD to bring up the structure menu to build.

– Hold space to use RTS controls. Click and drag to select drones, right click anywhere to perform an action (move, attack, gather).

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