Team mates wanted

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July 13th, 2013 7:06 pm

Sup guys. I’ve never done one of these ludum dares before but i’m gonna do this one. I’m a programmer, gonna use C++. Anyone who wants to help is welcome to join my team. As it stands there’s one guy with me but he’s in denial about it. Thx 😉

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  1. Pixel_Pants says:

    I don’t know any coding languages, but I may be able to help with art :)
    I am okay at pixel art and if you want I could do some for you.

  2. crumpeted says:

    I’m interested! I have a reasonable amount of experience with C++, among other languages – though I’ve never attempted a game in C++. What kind of libraries/platform/etc. are you interested in using?

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