Unsquare almost finished!

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July 11th, 2013 8:25 pm

This is my game: unsquare.

Unsquare is an puzzle game made with html5 that should also work on mobile.

I almost finished it, and to be fair, I would like some feedback, positive or negative, on it. Whether it’s about the difficulty, appearance, usability on mobile, or anything else,  your experienced advice would be hugely appreciated. I am now at a point where I consider the game to be good, but a question floats in my mind: how good is enough?

Also, what do you think is better? having all levels accessible (like in B &W), or having to unlock them one after the other (like in Tristate)?  I’m going to remove the clear all levels button once I decide myself on this. I’m also not sure if I should keep the rainbow levels at the end of Tristate…


Edit: Just for LOLZ: I had a problem where adblock interfered with my game since it prevented the clay.io api from being downloaded.



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  1. davisdude says:

    Fun and challenging game! I personally like having to earn the levels more, but that’s just a matter of personal preference.

  2. mooskagh says:

    It’s a good for game to show surprises as playing goes.
    Based on that I think that having levels locked is better idea, and I wouldn’t even show thumbnails of unavailable levels, making “discover what next levels look like” one of the points which keeps interest.

    On the other hand, It’s game designer failure when player is stuck, so I’d definitely recommend to make it possible to skip a few levels and make it possible to choose which of 3-5 levels he would like to play next.

  3. bentog says:

    It takes forever to load here, for some reason. But I have seen this game before in its early version and I think it is pretty smart. Now that it is polished, it must be great. (Using the latest version of Chrome, in case you are wondering).

    • Zelen3d says:

      That’s an issue a few people had for some reason. It seems to be an issue with the clay.io api not loading. I’m going to contact them to see what’s going on.
      (sometimes refreshing the page makes it work)
      Does it load for a long time, or does it not load at all? Also, by curiosity, if it doesn’t load, in what country do you live?

  4. namuol says:

    Fun puzzles, but I’m already stumped at level 6! I can solve it, but only in 10 moves. I must be st– nevermind just solved it. :)

    The rest of the levels around that one are pretty intuitive for me, though. As the designer, it’s probably nearly impossible to know how difficult these puzzles will be for other people. Maybe you could build in analytics to see which puzzles give people the most trouble and sort them accordingly. I’ve always wanted to do that with a puzzle game.

    I also think it’d be more fun to have the levels “revealed” as you beat them; maybe unlocking 1-3 levels on one row unlocks the next row?

    • namuol says:

      Just an update: Started playing the tri-color mode and yeah, it’s really interesting. The more I play, the more I start to “see” the overlapping squares. It’s really satisfying once it clicks. Great stuff!

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