7dRTS is over!

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July 5th, 2013 3:24 am

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Well done everybody!

204 Responses to “7dRTS is over!”

  1. wolfadex says:

    I’m in!

  2. Zelen3d says:

    What if I make an RTS without a GUI at all! Like a point and click RTS where you interact directly with object, where one object = one interaction. Like McPixel. Just imagine: ” McPixel, the RTS ” . Wait, McPixel *could* be considered an RTS, somehow. Oh God, why!

  3. HeroesGrave says:

    Is it okay if I work on the game beforehand, as long as I only have 7 days working?

    I’m on holiday for the first two days, and will probably be too tired on the third.
    So I need to work on the game for 3 days before I leave.

    I don’t see why I can’t, but I’ll ask anyway.

  4. m64 says:

    An RTS you say? I’m in. Even if I don’t get any truly creative ideas, making an RTS should be a nice warm up before the next LD48.

  5. pelle says:

    I’m in. First time on LD.

    Is it against the rules/spirit of the competition to get started creating a paper prototype and work out the mechanics, maybe even graphics, to use for the game already?

    • sorceress says:

      You’re allowed to do preparation, and a paper prototype is that. And yes, you can do some bits in advance if you feel you’ll need that extra time.

      But do try to save most of the work for the 22nd. Not only does that make things fairer, but it is more exciting when we all start together. :)

      • pelle says:

        OK. I will focus on playing old RTS games the next few weeks then and daydream about what my ideal RTS game would look like. VirtualBox booted up already.

        • pelle says:

          No old installer discs nearby for old favorites I was about to look at (eg Total Annihilation, Rise of Nations, Empires: Dawn of the Modern World, Age of Empires 1+2). Guess this is a good reason to try the RTS games I got on some gog sale last year but never installed (Empire Earth, Blitzkrieg, Cossacks, Stronghold Crusader). Actually knowing more games can’t be bad. Not that 7 days will allow for implementing many features, but it is a good excuse to play more.

  6. Luck of the day games says:

    Im in, probably, depends if I have time through my development schedule

  7. jstamand says:

    I’m in! First time for me, so let’s see how this goes. I have a full time job as a game programmer though, so time will be my worst enemy.

  8. mohammad says:

    I’ll be in, but i’m not sure how to go about this. I feel like doing a “War through time” sorta thing, but I also feeling like doing something from Tom Clancy Rainbow 6. Yet I also feel like doing a game that revolves trough the history of RTS, but most of those games I’ve never played, nor do I want to.

  9. Elrobo says:

    Working on another contest this month, but I’m not smart enough to let that stop me. I’m in.

  10. Halleflux says:

    Well.. I’ll see if I can do something for this. I haven’t even thought of attempting something like this before, and have very little experience programming to boot… and I’m awful at pretty much everything else.

    I have a few ideas, though. I’ll think on it for a few days, then see if I can come up with some unique mechanic that will compensate for everything else being terrible.

    Also, if I have something like a 2D steam animation strip that I really like and is very good (compared to the rest of my work), can I used that without having to remake it?

    • sorceress says:

      if I have something like a 2D steam animation strip that I really like and is very good (compared to the rest of my work), can I used that without having to remake it?

      Yes you are allowed to use your own pre-made art.
      Good luck with your game :)

  11. joaorequiao says:

    Well… I’m in!
    Probably doing all by myself… it’s gonna be fun!

  12. jonbro says:

    I am probably in, want to talk to my coworkers to see if I can get time to work on it at the job. I am thinking of maybe doing a dota / moba style thing, but 3 player / 3 team rather than 10 player / 2 team. anyone else doing dota things?

    • sorceress says:

      interesting idea! I can imagine that working nicely over a hexagonal-grid map, because of it’s 120-degree symmetry. :)

  13. Havoc says:

    I’m in!

  14. rubna says:

    Count me in! If I finish the game I’m working on now before then :)

  15. dasrkrain says:

    This is going to be SO much fun!!! I can’t wait!

  16. ciw1973 says:

    Cool. Think I’ll give this a go.

  17. qu4ntumcpa says:

    Count me in! (Hopefully!) Gonna give LD a whirl for the first time, too.

  18. brgarnet17 says:

    I’m in. It’s really the first time for me doing something like this, but sometimes you got to run before you can walk.

  19. phi says:

    I’m probably in. I feel like I should be.

  20. Kerinova says:

    I’m in. This looks like a fun challenge.

  21. xtronator says:

    It sounds like a very interesting jam ;).

    Currently thinking about the game concept 😀

  22. Ging3rtoby says:

    You can count me in

  23. xFyreStorm says:

    Might just be in!
    I’ve got a small RTS idea that I never got around to making, might just save it for this. :)
    I decided after the last LD that I really wanted to participate in one for once!

  24. Polar says:

    I’m in for this, even though I won’t be able to do anything until 5pm for the first 5 days 😛 Sounds like a really interesting topic, looking forwards to this.

  25. megashroom says:

    I’m in, this will be my first LD of any sort though.

  26. Smilex says:

    I’m in

  27. axcho says:

    So tempting! I love RTS games, and I would really enjoy the opportunity to make a simple one like this. :)

  28. Nidjo123 says:

    Probably in!

  29. local minimum says:

    I’m in. Got this crazy n-dimensional game I just got to try to put to code, even though I really would have wished it was another week that the competition was.

  30. Therrato says:

    I’m in, for the first time.

  31. LeonardMeagher2 says:

    I’m in, this will be my first game in a long time (i’ve made little side experiments) also my first competition.
    I’m working with my twin brother, pretty excited haha.

  32. GeertVL says:

    I am in. Somebody want to help me with the graphics?

  33. zkenshin says:

    We plan on taking on this challenge as well. :)

  34. Rasta says:

    I’m keen

  35. goffmog says:

    I could well be in this – although I won’t be able to work all 7 days. It would be my first jam from Austria, the major difference being that jams here tend to be apricot rather than strawberry.

  36. Blackstaff says:

    I’m in!

  37. 8BitPimp says:

    Awesome!! Have to be a part of this.

  38. Trojan Horse says:

    I’ll try and do this with a friend!

  39. jami says:

    You can count me in!

  40. Viridian says:

    I’m in. I’ll be doing it in a bit non-standard way since I have a full-time job. I’ll be starting early but limiting my development time to 40 hours, and what I have on the 29th will be what I submit. You can follow my progress on my blog at http://www.gamedevdad.com. I’ll be grabbing graphics off the web and using SFXR/Musagi for sound.

  41. ntrstd11 says:

    I’m in. This is my first time in a game jam, so I’m quite excited. The extended time period and the casual rules made it seem like a good place to start. If I can make this, I can even join the “compo” next month.

  42. compostface says:

    I’m in… if I can learn enough of the required programming in time.

  43. Trojan Horse says:


    Can we stream development as we go along for this competition?

  44. CrippledComputerStudios says:

    Im in!

  45. Madball says:

    I’m in!
    I think of trying some new engine this time.

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