How do people make money nowadays…

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June 24th, 2013 12:32 pm

… with games?

I have been making this puzzle game and had some really good feedback on it! I see that it might actually go somewhere!

I’m starting to think, even if it’s far away, how would I monetize it? It’s an HTML5 game, a casual one I would say. I am considering selling it on mobile markets, but I have no mac, no android and no windows 8. Since it’s html5, I can of course test it on my little iPod touch. The question that I am asking myself is if I should release a free online version AND THEN see what I could do. It seems that Flow Free did just that…

What would you think?

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  1. ElzingaT says:

    I’ve played your prototype and I definitely think you could sell it for a couple bucks. Maybe put it for free on Facebook and offer purchasable “Puzzle Packs” of additional levels?

  2. Puzzlem00n says:

    First off, this game you have here is really, really cool. Just needs polish!

    Second, releasing it for free online is a good strategy (I wouldn’t go for Facebook though), because then more people would have the chance to try it and word would spread around faster, which is something you likely need if you want money. Just make sure you have links in the free version to your site or twitter or some other place they can get updates. That way, when the paid version is out, they’ll know.

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