MiniLD 43 announcement!

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June 22nd, 2013 11:01 pm

The MiniLD this month will be June 29-30th. Since it’s a MiniLD, it’s going to be pretty lax, so feel free to start at any time, and submissions will be open for a week or so after the deadline.

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I have two themes! Yes, that’s right, two for the price of one! What a deal.

Music influenced gameplay


In a lot of games, audio is an afterthought. We can do better! :-) Music can really influence the player’s emotions – watch your favorite movie without any sound and see what happens.

Here are some cool ideas to get you started:

  • The Wind Waker – The Wind Waker does a ton of stuff with music, so I just pulled one example. Notice how when link attacks the monsters, the music matches the action! That makes the game so much cooler.
  • Chrono Cross [1] [2] – In Chrono Cross the player journeys between two parallel worlds, and a city in one world has a theme that’s interpreted differently in the other world. It’s a really nice idea. Check the links 1 and 2 to see the same theme interpreted in two different ways. (And can I just say that the music in Chrono Cross is so so beautiful!)
  • Leaf Me Alone – Even in the rapid development of a Ludum Dare game people still have time to innovate! In Leaf Me Alone the music gets quieter as you go higher, which gives a really nice responsive feel to the game.

However I can understand that writing music is not everyone’s cup of tea, for one reason or another. So I have an alternate theme for those people. And that theme is…



Awesome art courtesy of Sarenji –

Of course there are the surreal things that happen when we sleep, but another interpretation of “dreams” is hopes and desires.

What are your dreams? Why not make a game out of them? 😉

Some thoughts about dreams:

  • At one point in Golden Sun, you’re about to fight in a big tournament, where you really need to win. If you make a mistake and end up losing, then you wake up in your bed and someone’s telling you “you’re having a bad dream! Quick, the tournament is about to start!” I’ve always thought that was really clever.
  • Sound usually makes it into a dream world from outside. Hey, you could combine both themes that way! 😉
  • Dreams often have symbolic representations of what people desire.

Rules: Premade assets are fine. Teams are fine. It’s more about being inspired by the theme than following it to a T. Good luck and have fun! :-) 

24 Responses to “MiniLD 43 announcement!”

  1. kddekadenz says:

    I love the themes, since they would be ideal for receiving some feedback on ideas I have for a upcoming title BUT the timing couldn’t be any worse – I am on this 2 days on a party and a wedding. When ends submission time?

  2. Azlen says:

    Super great themes. I really want to participate in this one.

  3. Puzzlem00n says:

    Dang, I thought of that idea you said Golden Sun used about a year ago, and now apparently someone else thought of it first. I hate when that happens. Oh well, I guess there are too many people in the world for such a small idea to be wholly original.

    I may enter this. I may not. I feel like the world is kind of trying to force me in to making a game about all my crazy goals in life.

    • johnfn says:

      On the positive side, you had an idea good enough that it could fit in a commercial game! :-)

      You could probably still use it. I don’t think many people would mind.

      Hope to see you this dare :)

  4. mohammad says:

    *Slams dark demon baby tentacle monster onto the roundhouse table OF GAMING*

  5. Zelen3d says:

    I’m currently extremely passionate about a game I’m making! I probably will just use this as a mean to get feedback.

  6. ThatOtherPerson says:

    I’ve wanted to try to make a game that experimented with music for a while – I guess this is my opportunity to try!

    By the way – the link you posted for the artist’s website is incorrect – it should be

  7. mohammad says:


  8. killerstarbunny says:

    Accidentally made a game is 48 hrs so I posted it here.

  9. Chewynouget says:

    Can we start whenever we like?

  10. swipefaststudios says:

    I love the music idea since I am a composer and I think it would be fun to make! :) I will try and compose a few songs now and see if I will have time to make the game if not I hope everyone else has fun 😀 The gameplay concept will be the hardest to come up with

  11. I lack musical ability but count me in anyway!

  12. juaxix says:

    Sometimes I dream with magic castles, castles in the sky, with water surrounding and falling like in terraces, these are places with no time, full of the essence of pure magic, I see myself as a light ball , there is a bridge and the foilage is growing fast, as the time past I can take form in any shape I want, but I decide not to turn in anything, just being energy floating in the air, pushed by the air in the infinite circular time…yes, I’m doing this game

  13. GaTechGrad says:

    I had the idea over a decade ago of making a marching band game, so this was the perfect opportunity to create it. However, I never realized all of the complexities that would go into making it. Making all the separate tracks for each of the instruments took the better part of this evening. There are three formations currently in my game, but getting the spacing correct for an arbitrary number of marchers is quite a complex geometry problem. I’m hoping to have it nailed down by the end of the submission period.

  14. cricklewood says:

    So when exactly does the submission period end? I don’t think my game will be finished until tomorrow.

  15. So I guess I can start playing these games tonight, right ?!? :)

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