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    Indie Power Magazine Issue #0

    Posted by (twitter: @BretHudson)
    June 21st, 2013 4:49 pm

    Hey Ludum Dare!

    It’s been a while, and many of you might remember me as the guy running indie(Function);. We used to have a magazine, called indie(Magazine);, which was an okay publication we used to put out every other week. However, the team fell apart due to poor organization and my lack of contribution to the team. So, over time, I thought we’d try launching a new magazine, Indie Power Magazine – a fresh new start.

    This magazine had to be the last magazine’s quality ┬átimes 5, dosed with steroids. I think we might have achieved that goal. As an added challenge, since I was the only one left on the writing team, I decided to design and write the entire thing myself. So, after two weeks of work, the 60 page magazine is available for our readers. It launched officially on June 15th, but I haven’t had a chance to get over the Ludum Dare yet.

    I hope everyone enjoys the issue, and comes back for more. :) If anyone’s interested in joining the team, hit us up at contact (at) indiepowermag.com.

    Check it out at http://www.indiepowermag.com!

    18 Responses to “Indie Power Magazine Issue #0”

    1. ihatetothink says:

      I really liked it, RSS feed would be nice

    2. sorceress says:

      I’m afraid I couldn’t get it to download. Just an empty grey-blue screen when I click either the high or low quality links

    3. Matriax says:

      Is simply great! , and you made all this alone in only 3 weeks? :O , obviously you had experience but all looks very well done, pro ;) .

      I tried to share on twitter but only appears in the dialog box: “Indie Power Magazine Issue” without the link or any other info. Will be great something like:

      “Indie Power Magazine Issue #0 – The Platformers Issue. Check for the latest Indie News! http://bit.ly/19ppdaK

      • BretHudson says:

        2 weeks, actually! D: Was a hell of an experience, and am glad I don’t have to do it again alone.

        Are you using the Twitter share on the player? If so, we don’t really have any control over how it works, but we can definitely talk to the developers at Issuu and see if there’s anything that we can do. Thanks! :)

        • Matriax says:

          2 weeks? come on! you are kidding me XD and more after see how looks the other indie magazine on you worked with more people. If you can keep the same quality on next issues these will have a lot of future ;)

          About the share on twitter understood :(

          • BretHudson says:

            Well, it technically was 3 weeks if you include the planning week, where I figured out what articles we were going to put in there, but I didn’t touch Word or the design program until June 1st. Since we have 3 more weeks until the next issue comes out, I think there’ll be plenty of time for us to keep the quality we’ve achieved with this magazine.

    4. numpad says:

      It is really awesome! Already read it a few days ago. The platformer tutorial was great and nice written.
      Can’t await the next Issue ;)

    5. sorceress says:

      One feature you might like to include in each issue is a walk-through, that shows a step by step (image heavy) guide how to progress through the first few stages of a featured game. That can help to show a game from a different perspective, helping readers to discover an interest, which they may not feel reading a review article.

      The inclusion of the tutorial was great. I hope to see that feature continued in future editions.

      The layout and presentation is definitely improved from indie(magazine). I’m curious to know, what desktop publishing software do you use to create this new magazine?

      And to think it took you only two weeks two craft all 60 pages, that’s quite an achievement! Well done. :) I’ve often liked the idea of writing for a magazine myself, but I feel I have enough on my plate at the moment, so I’m afraid I can’t offer you any help at the present time.

      Good luck with future editions!

      • BretHudson says:

        I LOVE your idea about the walkthrough. That’s actually really cool, and I think it just might be possible.

        Future issues will indeed have tutorials – we’re hoping for two in some issues.

        We used Adobe InDesign, which was a huge improvement over Microsoft Publisher (indie(Mag); Issues 15-20) and Microsoft Powerpoint (indie(Mag); Issues 1-14).

        Definitely let me know if you have some free time, even one or two articles a month is an article or two the team doesn’t have to worry about.

        Thanks for input and the luck! :)

    6. Matriax says:

      Some suggestions for new content:

      Most relevant news on Indie Scene this month
      Cover Ludum Dare competitions with some of the best games
      Indie Games released this month
      Recommended Devlogs on TigSource to follow/check it
      Recomended Flash Game Indies of the Month
      Greenlight games/concepts to give a look
      Editor’s Picks
      Indie Interviews
      Cheats/secrets/indie curiosity’s/…

      • BretHudson says:

        News – We’ll try, but this issue there just wasn’t enough interesting news to put in the magazine.
        Ludum Dare – Of course! We’re definitely going to cover our favorite jam. :P
        Indie Games released – Another page that got cut from Issue #0, I could see it being on the left with “Upcoming Games to Keep Your Eye Out For” on the right
        Recommended Devlogs – That’s actually pretty unique. I’m thinking we could do an interview with them as well. :D
        Flash games – If we find someone on the team that’s really big on the flash game scene, that shouldn’t be a problem
        Greenlight Games – We had that in indie(Magazine); and don’t see why it wouldn’t be a problem to add it back.
        Editor’s Picks – Wanna expand on this a little bit?
        Interviews – We’ll most likely be taking excerpts from indie(Radio); interviews and possible some small text interviews like the ones in the Scrolls review.
        Walkthroughs – sorceress suggested this too, and it sounds wonderful.
        Cheats/secrets – YESSSSSSSSSSS. I wanted this SO badly in Issue #0, but the sad thing is that most games don’t have cheats anymore. Secrets, however, are still there. The “indie(Tips);” column on some pages was originally going to be for cheats/secrets, but we changed it to tips last minute.

        Thanks for the long list of items we can put in the magazine; I don’t think we’ll be running out anytime soon!

    7. lando walters says:

      So, just to get things straight, is this bi weekly?

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