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    Posted by
    June 20th, 2013 5:48 pm

    I have been making a new puzzle game.

    Here is an early prototype.

    It’s HTML, and I tried doing stuff differently, and putting each part of the game in a separate html page, and have them appear onscreen through an iframe. It makes switching levels so much easier, since you don’t have to clean up, just reload the iframe. The problem is that the page reloads each time ;/

    I’d like to know what you think about the idea . Thanks


    Newer version: http://unsquareprototype.clay.io/


    5 Responses to “Unsquare”

    1. mrexcessive says:

      I like your game… One weakness is because it is fundamentally XOR, the order of operations doesn’t matter… perhaps make cells tristate after the first few levels?

      • Zelen3d says:

        Thanks! I have thought about puzzles with tristate cells as well, and maybe even more colour schemes with different rules. But the order of the operations still won’t matter, since each selected cell gets changed independently from the others.

    2. killerstarbunny says:

      Wow I’m glad I decided to check out what was going on here this game is awesome. Improvements I would make is something that tells you the number of moves you have made, and more levels.

    3. Madball says:

      At first, I was confused that sometimes I can’t select rectangles… Accent that we can only use squares.
      The concept seems original, but it gets boring by the end of the game.
      Some levels, like level 18, are just obvious and intuitive. I see three protruding squares and I draw a 3×3 square to cancel them, and the level is almost solved.
      Completed level 23 in 11 moves, level 24 in 5 moves.
      Also, make something on click after completing the last level, at least return to the level select screen.

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