This game, as always, started with the typical “fly up a wall” climbing system. This worked fine, but I knew I wanted to allow the player to reach higher places. I started doing some research and it turned out the best method for a climbing system was triggers — invisible “hot spots” that detect when the player is inside them. From that I was able to detect when a player was near a climbable object, and then disable the entire movement controller and hand over movement to special custom-made climbing controller. The details from there get a bit complicated, but so far this character is the most complex I’ve ever done in a game, with (right now) 5 layers of collision boxes, 3 state controllers, over 20 animation matrices, and more than 60 basic animations. I’ll do a more detailed write up (and maybe a video) about development once the game is announced. :)

And finally, here’s another hint on the title and theme of the game, to keep you on your toes:


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You’ll be sure to here more development news soon!

Happy Gaming, Ludum Dare <3

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