Gods Will Be Watching Remake

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June 17th, 2013 5:00 am

Gods Will Be Watching - Rest room

We are making a big game. Our first big game. Our last entry, Gods Will Be Watching, had an unexpected success on Ludum Dare and beyond, harvesting good words from press and players around the world, we are truly amazed. We lived from game jam to game jam during a year, and now we feel ready to face our first commercial project, finally we feel that our work worths money.

Gods Will Be Watching - Shaman

We don’t want just to make the game bigger, but deeper. The remake won’t be just about surviving on a hostile planet, but to overcome several difficult situations that will expand both the storyline and universe of sergeant Burden and his crew, and will offer new moral dilemmas in order to stay alive.

Moreover, we want to improve the AI of the characters. This is one thing that was left over from the original one since we ran out of time during the Ludum Dare, but we intended to change the attitude of the crew members depending on the events, deaths, and state of the full team. Some sort of “empathy system” where one action not only affects its target, but its neighbours. For example: If you kick one person on the floor, the friends morale drops down. (Yes, you will be able to kick people on the floor)

Gods Will Be Watching - Guards

We also plan to improve the feedback that the game offers to the player. We learnt a lot from watching gameplays on youtube, so thank you to all of you who took the time to play and upload it, you really helped to polish the new game design!

Also, since finishing the original minigame wasn’t compelling enough, we plan to add rewarding cinematics for those who complete each puzzle, which can vary depending on the ratio of success of the player (eating your friends won’t be as rewarding as keeping everyone alive!)

Gods Will Be Watching - Space

We hope you like this project as much as we are enjoying its development! You can follow us on twitter, facebook and tumblr for supporting us, see more screenshots and concepts and keep up to date of our progress. Thank you!

As an extra, here you are a glimpse to the work in progress of our musician, Fingerspit :)

5 Responses to “Gods Will Be Watching Remake”

  1. mohammad says:

    This game is so original I cannot compare it to any other game. I was going to say half life but it is nowhere near half life. Its a whole new universe.

  2. mohammad says:

    Now I know, its like Dead Space.

  3. Husky says:

    It’s awesome to hear this, I like “Gods Will Be Watching” 😀

  4. Matriax says:

    Simply great, love the pixel-art and the music too!

  5. Puzzlem00n says:

    Woo! Your past entry’s awesomeness shall not be in vain!

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