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    New 3rd Person Action Game to be Released! (maybe)

    Posted by (twitter: @RobProductions)
    June 13th, 2013 9:23 am

    Hey, Ludum Community, Rob Productions here. For a while I’ve been working on a third person action game, just to test out if I could do anything different then my usual first person stuff, and I started to see potential in this. The “test game” was actually coming along very well, introducing many new challenges and concepts that really pushed my programming skills to advance. I started looking at my previous works and at my current project, and at other games around the web, and I realized… this project is professional enough to be released! Like, for actual money!

    I’ve been doing a lot of research and planning on getting this game released, and I think I know how to start. Details on the release and the game itself are still super-secret, but here’s a hint on the name and concept of the game:


    Let’s see if you can figure this one out! :P

    Also, if there’s anyone out there with any experience releasing a game, I’d really appreciate some tips on getting my game publicity and hype during the preorder and pre-release stages! What’s the best way to promote a game and make people want to buy it?

    Thanks and Happy Gaming, Ludum Dare! P.S. I’ll be sure to release some free stuff for those of you low on funds :P

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    3 Responses to “New 3rd Person Action Game to be Released! (maybe)”

    1. Puzzlem00n says:

      I have no experience whatsoever, but I’m sure a good number of Twitter followers and constant tweeting would help. The best way to accomplish this is to follow a ton of people and wait for them to follow you back. (Not all of them will, of course, but this can’t hurt.)

      Also, getting updates on your game onto as many sites as possible (#ScreenshotSaturday comes to mind, and TIGSource forums) is a good idea.

      That screenshot looks good by the way! I wish you’d give us some more info on it!

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      New 3rd Person Action Game to be Released! (maybe) | Ludum Dare

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