This months Mini LD is up for grabs!!!

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June 9th, 2013 4:00 am

Good news everyone, we have a winner…



The stage is now yours 😛

People included in the draw: (1) Patacorow; (2) Arowx; (3) puzzlem00n; (4) Jorjon; (5) johnfn; (6) 7Soul

To determine the winner, a !dice 6 was rolled in #ludumdare IRC on thursday june 13th, at 6pm GMT, and a 5 was rolled. The following people had entered less than 4 LDs and were not included in the draw: kddekadenz, mohammad, jaydenB, ditto, carrymove.

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  1. kddekadenz says:

    I want to host this miniLD :D!
    I participated in 7 LD Events and have neither a miniLD slot reserved nor have ever hosted a miniLD.
    Is there anything beside thinking up a theme one needs to do?

    Why I deserve to host this miniLD:
    1. I’m awesome.
    2. Games are awesome.
    3. Making games is super-mega-double-awesome.

    • sorceress says:

      The person who hosts a miniLD needs to:
      – Decide on a date, a theme, and rules.
      – Make a snazzy announcement post detailing those three things.
      – Answer questions anybody raises about the date/theme/rules.
      Look to previous announcement posts as a guide if needs be.

      Don’t worry about the submit form and links because those will appear by magic. :)

  2. Patacorow says:

    I want to host it!!
    – I have never hosted a MiniLD
    – I have participated in many, many Ludum Dares
    – I created the entire LD26 potato catastrophe
    – I have an idea for a theme!

  3. Arowx says:

    Well I’ll give it a go, but be warned I have an agenda I wish to explore!

  4. mohammad says:

    I would, seeing as how I have been in quite a few LD’s, I could come up with a theme that everyone could use to their advantage, rather than set limits.

  5. JaydenB says:

    I’m guessing participating in 4 but only finishing 3 doesn’t count? 😛 (you can see my progress of that one early entry I failed on my blog type thing here)

  6. Puzzlem00n says:

    Well, since I likely won’t get another chance like this for years, I too enter the drawing! Reasons:

    -I’ll make sure it won’t conflict with Folis’s Midsummer Jam Week! (for others: his event is from the 17th-23rd)

    • Puzzlem00n says:

      (haha, accidentally clicked submit, continued below)

      -I’ll make sure the theme blows all your minds!
      -The time period will be a week, rather than a weekend.
      -I think I’ll be fairly good at responding to everyone’s questions and being a good host.
      -I promise to make some sort of special keynote something rather than just a post!

  7. Ditto says:

    I’ll be in on the roll, I have 3 big Ludums and a mini LD under my belt. I have my last exam for this semester on Thursday so after that I will commit 100% to the competition, perfect timing! I have a couple ideas for a theme already.
    I deserve it because I will ditch my beloved C# this summer in favor of C++.

    • Ditto says:

      Read that once more and realized how dry it looked! Oh well, no regrets, I wrote this while procrastinating schoolwork, so I’ll just carry on studying! kthxbye!

  8. Jorjon says:

    I’m in! I mean, I would love the opportunity to host a MiniLD. I have participated in 4 LD and 2 MiniLD. I guess I deserve it because as you can see from my journal, I have been always very collaborative towards LD community.

  9. Osgeld says:

    Here is a stupid idea, why not give it to the next person on the list whom can do it?

    why this game? isn’t that shitty to people whom have been backlogged for 2 years?

    • johnfn says:

      Because not everyone can host in every month. If we moved everyone up, it’s not a guarantee that everyone can host in their new months.

    • sorceress says:

      Like johnfn said, people could have commitments in other months. Also, people choose the months they want to host in, like how minild 42 was cleverly based upon the number 42. And at least once, somebody choose to host a minild on a weekend that coincided with their birthday. It’s also unfortunate that some months seem to be better than others, like if they get overshadowed by the rating phase of the previous compo.

      I’m sure that some people are happy to take any month, and I did consider what you suggested. But I felt that a chance to win gives hope to all who are interested, instead of the apathy of knowing they have to wait at least 2 years.

  10. johnfn says:

    Yeah I would be super psyched to have a shot at it! I’ve done 6 of the major LDs, dating back to LD19! Wow I’m old.

    Why me? Cuz Ludum Dare is seriously my favorite thing ever.

  11. kddekadenz says:

    Aww, man.. I dislike that the MiniLD completely don’t count. Couldn’t they count as a ‘half’ LD?
    if (LD_count + (MiniLD_count/2)) >= 4 then in_the_draw := true

    • mohammad says:

      ERROR! Line 1::Char 59;
      Var MiniLD_count = False;
      Error an integer with no data value cannot be registered as Boolean value in an equation

    • sorceress says:

      I sympathise, and I know it probably feels cruel, but if miniLDs counted half, then being a host would become accessible to people who have been here only 6 months.

      Understand that the intention is to reserve miniLDs for the longest and most active members. Most of the people with reservations have already been waiting 18 months, which (I think) is longer than you have been part of this community.

      You do contribute much, and I would love to see you host a miniLD at some point in the future, but sadly that isn’t going to be this month. 😐

      • kddekadenz says:

        Ok, I’ll accept it than. I submitted my first LD entry 1 year, 1 month and 21 days ago, but I’m active here for a longer period of time. I hope the host thinks up an interesting theme :) My favourite theme of the big LDs I participated in is so far ‘Tiny World’.

  12. Milo says:

    Aw… this post has revitalized the part of me that wants to host another mini-LD. Hmm… Can someone remind me on March 1st, 2015 to sign up to host MiniLD #58 in March, 2016?

    Although, should we maybe be thinking about how to distribute the slots so far in the future that no one has yet claimed them? Because maybe the same system of “someone rushing in to claim it” is not ideal for future sign ups either – I mean, it’s not exactly “fair” if there more than one person who wants the slot (which, save for the end of civilization, will certainly be the case).

  13. carrymove says:

    I want to take part in Mini LD, because Imma going to develop own big game. Some experience won’t prevent.

  14. mohammad says:

    Anyone got a deck of cards to pass the time. Ooooo say…. the next 81 hours till somebody wins?
    Like Puzzlem00n?

  15. 7Soul says:

    Why me?
    – I’ve participated on 7 LDs
    – I like the number 7 (wait, this is probably not a good reason)
    – I like getting involved in the gaming community
    – I’ll cook a yummy theme

  16. Puzzlem00n says:

    Drat. I told my friend that calling me lucky would jinx it, but noooo… :) Ah, well, I guess I need to start making more sacrifices to the Random Number Gods.

  17. mohammad says:

    Oh well, Jhonfn is just as good. (At least it isnt that mohammad guy…)

  18. johnfn says:

    That’s awesome! I’ll be sure to think up a good theme. :-)

    I assume I just need to write up a post and the mods will magicify it with everything necessary to be a miniLD?

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