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May 28th, 2013 11:26 pm

On LudumDare 24 I was amazed by super clew land audio. After some research on Matt Grimm blog ( the composer ) I heard about this wonderful music language MML

MML let you define music with a short but unintuitive script. you just have to type “c d e f g a b c” for the differents notes and learn more commands to adjust volume, note duration, tempo etc

Learning MML is not very difficult, but unlike classic trackers, trying to picture what a song looks like by just look at the code almost impossible.

So I create this tool to make MML more visual : VMML


If you are interested in creating retro game music, you should have a look

You can also create sfx although it requires a solid knowledge of MML.

I have added some samples to learn the basics commands. The full documentation is here

With AS3 orhaxe, you can play MML in your game with SION lib. For other platforms, VMML Also have a render WAV option.

Here is a sample music loop :

[stextbox id=”grey” shadow=”true”]#TABLE0{(254,0)100};#TABLE1{|(-16,16)8};
%1@2 l16 v4 $[aga>c>gac>c][<<gdga>ga<c>c];
%1@1 l1 v4na0np1 $agagcgc>g<;
%1@9 l16 v2q4 $(2a)2 rreraaa;[/stextbox]

Bonus sfx

[stextbox id=”grey” shadow=”true”]%1 %v1,4 l32[@9c@3d>*e)]8[/stextbox]

Jump sfx

[stextbox id=”grey” shadow=”true”]%1 @7 @rr32,64 na0 c32[/stextbox]

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  1. numpad says:

    Haha, awesome!
    Thanks for showing this, using this with much fun 😉
    (You made nice music!)

  2. caranha says:

    This looks awesome! I’m commenting on it so I can check it on later :-)

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