I Do Not Want To Do This Anymore

Posted by (twitter: @powderblock)
May 26th, 2013 12:34 pm

I hate this. Flash refuses to work with anything. Yes, I am part of the problem. I am probaly most of the problem. But if Flash can’t import fucking MP3s, it is no fun.

I want to quit. It has take me about 50 hours just to make a stage with collision, collectables, and movement. Now, that is reasonable considering I have never made anything serious with Flash, but if it would work smoothly that would be really nice. Part of the problem is that I got lazy from using Unity. That is part of the reason I left for a while. If I can’t write a fucking Collider. Then I am just a fucking bad programmer. I love programming, I love debugging, but I fail at the smartbits like calculating collision stuff. This sucks.

I need to be a better programmer before I make games. Let’s just get this over with. Sorry for swearing and stuff. But this is very frustrating.

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  1. Westbow says:

    Hey man, don’t sweat it too much. Sure, maths are tuff, Unity (can) hide the details and guts and Flash is generally a pain to work with. But remember the core goal here is to make games! If Unity makes it easier, it doesn’t make you any less of a legitimate developer. A fun game is a fun game. Using whatever tools you can to get there is 100% acceptable.

    I can’t write a collider from scratch without a heap of referencing and head scratching (hair pulling, as well). I should say, I can’t do that yet. I can’t write a convincing physics engine. Yet. I can’t do low level OpenGL programming. Yet. Shaders… Yeah, nope. Not yet. It doesn’t make me a bad programmer; I just haven’t explored those areas deeply enough.

    The mark of an excellent programmer lies in their ability to solve problems and adjust their course as necessary. Adapt and follow your intuition. Collaborate with people who have knowledge in areas you don’t, and who might benefit from some special knowledge you have.

    Smartbits are easy for some – they come easily and Just Work. But I believe they are tough for most. Anyone can get them, though, with enough time. Be patient and remember it’s all for fun – even being suffocated by low level algorithmic detail :)

    Good luck duder.

  2. Dir3kt says:

    Neither would I be able to do a game in Flash, without a game engine on top of it.

    Check for Flixel or FlashPunk, that should help you A LOT.

  3. jacklehamster says:

    I hope you don’t give up. Try to reach the end, even if you feel like it won’t be as good as you imagined.

    For collision, I found a trick that helped me. If I consider everything to be a circle, collision is just a matter of comparing distances, which is fast and easy to code.

  4. deathray says:

    ^ Good advice above!
    Another option is to reach out to the community. Post some of your code or the problem you’re having, and someone can maybe help you solve it.

  5. goerp says:

    If I program your collision detection, can you program the menu of my entry?
    Seriously though, you can’t do everything yourself, there’s no shame in copying (learning) from others.
    I actually program in Flash and I think Unity looks inimidating.

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