Extinction Event

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May 26th, 2013 10:11 pm

Even though we left a lot of cool ideas on the table, I think we’re pretty pleased how Extinction Event turned out.  We’re definitely going to continue working on this one.  Try it here.

Extinction Event Screenshot 1 Extinction Event Screenshot 2



























Some ideas I’d like to try:

Making the satellites modular, allowing the player to design his own satellites and weapons with custom abilities.

Adding the ability to launch weapons from the planet’s surface.

Incorporating the moon.

Lots of new types of weapons.  Kinetic weapons especially.  Directed light/heat.  And attaching solar sails to slow asteroids down.

Modifying the Earth texture to show the devastation of each impact.

More variation in the asteroids.  Some big ones, kind of like boss fights.


Anybody have any suggestions?

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