Because I like it. And I’m willing to make it.

Either that or it’s got something to do with the fact that I only rated about 7 games.

But lulzfish_4 rated many more games than I did yet performed bloody awfully. Maybe people are vicious when they see someone’s made a few mistakes. Or maybe they just can’t cope with 8 enemies firing targetted shots at them. I don’t know. (It’s pretty easy to dodge once you know your hit region.)

And he got 1.33 for audio? His game doesn’t even HAVE audio! DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW TO PRESS THE N/A BUTTON (obviously I had better people voting for mine because they knew how to press the N/A button for humour even though there was a bit in the game itself)

His game wasn’t even terrible. It was just a bit incomplete, and a bit rough around the edges. I’ve seen worse games that deserve worse scores, most notably a particular game which involved going around a huge-ass cavern picking up 50 identical things. It was not fun at all. I am neither naming this game nor this author, as everyone does duds every now and then and he doesn’t need to be remembered for such a dud.

Hell, his worst placing was in the theme department. I feel this is complete horseshit. If anything, this needed MORE things.

Come to think of it, if his game were some Unity hackjob, he’d get a much higher score because shitny*. I really don’t like that.

(* typo’d that, corrected that, decided to leave it in. It’s a new word, guys!)

If it’s any compensation, I at least did well in the audio department, and somehow did alright in the fun department.

MiniLD #42 is coming up. Provided my coursework doesn’t suddenly start kicking me in the crotch, I might take this time to learn how to use LÖVE, and then make a bullet hell shooter with it.

Alternatively, if emscripten decides to work, I might be able to make an asm.js port of my LD26 entry, and then I can gut the engine out and use that as base code. Hell, I might even stick in a few #define macros just to save my sanity (getting the texcoords right was somewhat tedious, lots of copy paste, thank you vim for being awesome).

And then I will make a bullet hell shooter.

Because I like bullet hell shooters.

And, to be quite honest, there are other people who do.—Maybe I’ll have enough time to stick in a few difficulty levels. I for one am not particularly good at my own game, but I can get a no-death run every now and then.At least I still find my game challenging.

5 Responses to “Everyone hates bullet hell. And I don’t care.”

  1. You lost me at “I only rated about 7 games.”

  2. I have no idea what you are talking about, or why you do it…

  3. metaldemon says:

    I made a non-bullet shmup. But let’s be friends. It is a matter of choice.

  4. Suese says:

    The results are really wonky.

    I personally think lots of games for example had much better graphics than the winning 25 in graphics category.

    I feel the same way about overall. One of the overall winners wasn’t even a game!

  5. Suese says:

    I think Unity developers are more likely to rate fellow unity devs higher because they have a context of the difficulty level. Their own game is a benchmark for the skill level. When they see a game made in a different environment the benchmark and context disappears and the ratings become a little more objective.

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