Ludum Dare 26 Results

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May 20th, 2013 7:42 pm

Baked Potato with Melting Butter PatI was trying to think of a joke involving thousands of potatoes and Ludum Dare, but 2346 games is nothing to joke about. That’s incredible. I’m at lost for words. Lets just get to the results:

How did I do?

You can view your results here:

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The individual category results are just above your comments.

Top 100 Games

Check out winning competition and jam games here:

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Winners are decided by the Overall category.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Categorical Top 25s

Here at Ludum Dare, being the best game isn’t the only way to win. Games are rated in 7 additional categories, with a special “Coolness” category highlighting people that went above and beyond to be sure you got a vote.

Categorical Top 25s:…/?more=1

*NOTE*: You can click on the titles of the categories for Top 100 style lists per category.

Ludum Dare 27 – August 2013

Whew! What a dare! You had a good time right? Great! We’re doing it again in August! We don’t have a specific date chosen yet, but stay tuned for that. Follow us on Twitter or join the mailing list to stay informed.


If you have any suggestions for us (website, observations, etc), we continue to collect them in the comments here:

Thanks everyone for coming out and kicking off an amazing new year for Ludum Dare!

– Mike Kasprzak (PoV)

35 Responses to “Ludum Dare 26 Results”

  1. Congrats to everyone! I had a blast!

  2. Zim the Fox says:

    Not sure where to ask so I’m asking here. I’d like to know how coolness works. I know that coolness increases with the number of games played; in fact, it is the number of games I have played, and default decreases accordingly, but what does the coolness percentage mean? I am 82% cool but I don’t know if that is percentile (in which case % would be wrong), or based on an arbitrary scale (in which case I’d like to know the scale used). I have also noticed that the rate at which default decreases diminishes with the number of games played but I’d love to know the function used (or I can plot the numbers and do a regression next LD, but I’ll forget so I’d rather be told :P)

    Anyway! Thanks to everybody who participated for making up an awesome community and thanks to the people who make Ludum Dare possible for… making Ludum Dare possible!

  3. SaintHeiser says:

    I can’t understand some things in this life =(

  4. lightsoda says:

    Congrats to everyone, can’t wait for the next LD!

  5. Doublecaster says:

    This ludum dare was great! I did a little better than last time.
    Since LD is growing so fast I think there should be some sort of guidelines to the voting. e.g 1 stars = really bad. 2 stars = bad. 3 stars = average. 4 stars = good. 5 stars = awesome. Because now we have 2346 people voting with their own rules. Which might result in unbalanced scores. Of course these would be only guidelines not rules so everyone could still vote as they wish.

  6. Christina Nordlander says:

    Congratulations to the winners!

    I’m a bit sad to see how few of the winning games I’ve played. (Though I was happy to see that “Gods Will Be Watching” placed second in the Jam, though. Definitely deserved.)

  7. PPLo says:

    I had an awesome first time, can’t wait for the next LD!

  8. Suese says:

    I have the usual suggestions I make every time. Ludum Dare is not restrictive enough, it’s too easy to ‘cheat’, and the top entries are wonky and all wrong. It’s discouraging to see a few really really bad games win over some really good games. The top 25 or so need to be sorted by professionals.

    • Puzzlem00n says:

      Yes, well, what you consider to be really bad may just happen to be what others think are really good. I’ve seen most of those winners linked on a number of sites that take it upon themselves to pick out this compo’s gems, so it’s certainly not just a fluke that they won.

      You’re always saying it’s too easy to cheat. Who cares? Let the cheaters cheat. I don’t think anyone really cares about those losers. There’s no reason to ruin everyone else’s fun and make everything really strict just because of a few bad apples.

      Of course, I realize that what I call ruining fun is probably what you consider most fun, but unfortunately that’s a matter of opinion. The best I can do is make you realize most everyone else’s.

      I apologize for jumping on you every time you make a comment like this, but you know, I enjoy conversation. :)

    • So it is possible to cheat, but that will always be a problem I’d say. What would you suggest to stop cheating? Do you have any evidence or suspicions against people this LD that cheated/might have cheated in any way? Can you name any of the good/bad games that were rated incorrectly from your point of view?
      I mean no offense, I just want to know more about this… :)

    • I guess you shouldn’t call anyone a cheater without evidence, but you can talk about your suspicions without calling names… Good and bad games can be named I guess, the competition is over anyway, nobody will get mad… :)

  9. Sorry, but my game only has my coolness rating down, and I have no other results :( I entered the 48 hour

  10. paulmcgg says:

    Is there any way to see the games I rated during the voting period? I really want to look some of them up again, but can’t remember every name. Thanks!

  11. Hmmm… I was just wondering if there is any way to see a list of all games sorted by their rank, starting with #1 and ending somewhere in the unrated depths of hell… ?!? :)

  12. Taro Omiya says:

    I exited out of the contest before the judging period ended. Perhaps for that reason, I have some warning messages appearing above the comment section in my entry below:

    Any ideas as to why?

  13. bvanschooten says:

    I would really like to opt out of the rating system, because it sucks the life out of me. But I do like to get text comments. I wrote comments on all games I reviewed. How about having a system where you can earn coolness by writing comments? Like, you get coolness if the developer or maybe another player thumbs-up your comment. Maybe that would also stimulate thoughtful reviews more. Right now there is incentive only to rush reviews as much as possible, that can’t be right.

  14. deathray says:

    Does anyone have a count on # of Compo versus Jam entries? I’d like to see what percentile my game fell into. I think the percentile would be more meaningful than either the # or the average score. I know my game was #284 in Humor, but out of how many compo entries??

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