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I’m funny! And how to rate games.

Posted by (twitter: @piece_o_ham)
May 20th, 2013 8:57 pm

I got in the top 100 for humor! I got #76. This is a lot better than my last LD. Below I have shown my rating improvements. However, there are things that made me mad about the ratings. Not so much my ratings but just ratings in general. So I have some tips for those who haven’t been here very long.

Use “n/a”. Very often people will rate as one star when they should really rate as “n/a”. For example, this text adventure. It got rated better in graphics than my game. It is a text adventure, graphics don’t matter in a text adventure. If it doesn’t have sound, rate it as “n/a”. Same goes for graphics.

Read the entire description. It seems as some people don’t read the entire description. There is sometimes some important info in there. For example, people didn’t seem to realize there were only two levels in my game. Or they said restarting was annoying even though I showed a way to restart faster. Please, JUST READ THE WHOLE THING.

Leave a comment. There is nothing more annoying than people who don’t leave comments. I like to hear what you think. How am I supposed to know how I’m doing if you don’t leave a comment. Please, LEAVE COMMENTS.

Also, here is a rating comparison:

LD26 ratings
My Ratings

LD24 Ratings
My ratings

And here is a timelapse:

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