7 LDs and finally…

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May 20th, 2013 8:01 pm

I made a cool graph thing showing how I did in all 7 LDs I participated:


And here’s a summary of them all. If you’re new to LD, I hope you can find some kind of wisdom somewhere in there.

My first LD, #19: Worked my ass off, and my game was really buggy and unbalanced. The graphics were very tiny pixel art, but I’m glad people liked it. Here I learned that having a clear goal is important, and that the main mechanics should be worked on first (as obvious as this might sound)

LD#20: Remembering how I got tired after LD#19, I said I wouldn’t work as much and do something simpler, so I made a puzzle. It holds most of my worse scores… That’s what going into LD with no enthusiasm looks like.

LD#22: Now trying to find a middle ground, I decided to take part in the Jam and just get my game polished and not buggy. I was really satisfied by the end product and the ratings. I don’t take pride on the audio score since I used free music for it (which is what I usually do)

LD#23: This time I worked in a group. It was as fun as it was stressful, me being the project coordinator and the programmer. We aimed a bit higher than we should, so the game lacked in the level design department, and there were a few glitches.

LD#24: Again with the same team, we decided to go with an idea that didn’t involve intricate puzzles or graphics. The game was simple enough to work on, and the team did a great job working on the assets. Only problem was a lack of decision-making, resulting in a lot of confusion and last minute rush.

LD#25: Working by myself again, I decided to try different ideas (no platformers or shooters).  I enjoyed making the game, and take pride in the end result. Problem is, there was a lack of good documentation making planning and debugging a mess in the long run, and resulting in the game being confusing, with unclear goals and feedback.

LD#26: Zero hour hit, and people were mad about the theme. I wasn’t. To me it was a great opportunity to try to think outside of the box. I remember explicitly saying “with this theme, few good ideas with shine” (and they did!). And some of the games were amazing.

So I had my idea of making an interactive adventure where you could switch between two worlds to solve puzzles. I quickly saw a need to simplify this idea, so I made it a point and click game, which would have simpler graphics and mechanics.
The idea of having two game windows that connected to each other came when I went to bed (like most ideas :P) but I was not sure it would be possible.

So I spent pretty much the whole first day making sure it worked, and the entire time praying it wouldn’t break the last minute >_<
I’m glad I could figure something out that was unique and fun to do, even if I didn’t work as much in it as I wanted (had to cut a good 1/3 of the game…)

Then results are out and I see a golden medal next to one of the scores. It took 7 LDs (and a couple MiniLDs) and I couldn’t be happier!


See you in august 😉


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