Postmortem – Tilegrid

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May 19th, 2013 6:25 pm

We set out to simply finish a small scope project within the time limit and ended up surpassing our own expectations. More than four hours was spent designing the concept and almost nothing went wrong during development. Our final product is remarkably similar to our initial ideas.

After we received emergency feedback from a number of friends, the game play was streamlined both by simplifying the mechanics and through tighter level design. In the final hours we rushed to add multiple levels and UI.

We took advantage of our team members strengths. Pupnik worked on the mechanical side of the game (scoring, tile interactions, backend), while Abregado worked on the graphical side (UI, tileset, sound).

The timelapse of the entire development can be found on our YouTube channel here:


  • The theme was generic
  • only spent ~22 hours actually working on the project
  • GOPRO batteries dont last long!


  • bitbucket was broken
  • more dramas with recording than with the actual project

Things we learnt

  • proved to ourselves we can make something polished in a short time
  • could have increased scope
  • having emergency testers is awesome!
  • cooking in advance or ordering food to save time
  • more time spent on design initially saves more time later
  • need better instructions, UI and tutorialization

Personal evaluation

  • could have spent more time actually working
  • didn’t do much for the theme
  • fantastic teamwork
  • team had a unified vision
  • final product was as originally envisioned

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