Come vote!

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May 19th, 2013 5:31 am

Hi everyone! Just a quick message to say could you come and have a look at my game!


Thanks! 😀

7 Responses to “Come vote!”

  1. Orni says:

    why should I – you haven’t even rated one game

  2. Spiridios says:

    While I wouldn’t tend to put it as harshly as Orni, LD is built around the community and being part of the community is rating other people’s games. There are way too many games to rate and if everyone sat around and didn’t participate in voting, then no one would get any votes. That’s the whole reason the vote system prioritizes people who both need votes AND who have rated other games.

    • Orni says:

      yes – I shouldn’t have responded so harshly, yet he didn’t rate any games last time he participated either (0% coolness). this is simply not how it’s supposed to work

  3. This is a bit difficult…
    So I should be rating other people’s games, but not those of people who don’t rate any games themselves…
    OK, I guess that is plausible enough… and 0 coolness really isn’t much!!! 😉

    • Spiridios says:

      Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to dictate who you, or any LDer, should vote for. If you find a game and play it and think you have valid feedback, you should rate it regardless of their coolness rating. What I do take issue with is someone who hasn’t bothered to try to participate in any LD they entered, posting for others to come rate them. That’s beyond being passive or just not having time, that’s taking from the community without giving anything back.

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