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    100 game played!

    Posted by
    May 17th, 2013 8:23 am

    3,5 days until the deadline, and I just played 100 games.

    Here are my favourite games amongst ones I`ve played:

    Best by mood:

    The world is in your hand,

    a compo entry by jacklehamster.


    A game with fantastic mood and story. I was almost crying by the end. A simple and minimalistic yet fun and detailed game. And it has quests! The right game for fans of visual novels.


    Best by humor:

    Steve Can`t Zen,

    a compo entry by DaanVanYperen.

    A very witty game about fighting and meditation. Has much graphic contend, interesting and polished gameplay, and a very laughable story. Simple and easy to understand for everybody!


    Best by audio:

    Drug Hunt,

    a jam entry by kill0u.

    An atmosphere-based game about drugs. Consists of many minigames and only one button to complete them. Has a crazy yet appropriate soundtrack, which will make you feel the mood easily. It will keep you glued to the screen!


    Best by graphics:

    Gods Will Be Watching,

    a jam entry by GreyShock.

    A management game, where you try to survive on a planet, waiting for help to come. Has much details in graphics, sounds and storytelling. It makes you live through lives of characters.


    Best by theme:

    This is not a minimalist game,

    a compo entry by Volute.

    An RPG-like game, where you complete various quests in order to restore the world. It takes you to a trip though the game history!


    Best by fun:

    Mind the Gap,

    a jam entry by shiprib.

    A game about trains. The most minimalistic yet deep game, containing pure meaning, and nothing unnecessary. It`s packed with hours of fun!


    Best by innovation:

    Square Heart Flower,

    a jam entry by JonathanG.

    Unique graphics? Check! Original gameplay? Check! A game about communication, set in a minimalistic world. Experimentators will surely like it!


    It was difficult to select a best game by overall. I have a lot of games worth be the best, but I need to choose one. Ok, let it be…


    Best by overall:

    Of Guards And Thieves,

    a jam entry by cominu.

    A multiplayer game, which is rare. Very polished. Balanced, interesting and original. Has great graphics and audio. That`s the winner in my list! I see a lot of potential here. I hope it will be extended and become a great game, but even now it`s great. It`s difficult to assemble a team though, so if you need a player, you can call me.


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