The Minimalism Quest – Post mortem

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May 12th, 2013 9:44 am

Well, better late than never, huh ?

So here’s my game, The Minimalism Quest.

What went right :

• I did manage my time well enough. In the end, I had half a day just for polishing (and extra sleep). That was nice.
• The game itself is fun and clean ! At least that’s what I’ve been said. Plus it is fast, so people who tried it went to the end.
• Anyway, I am satisfied with it and that’s one good point. And I had a good time making it!

What went wrong :

• The idea itself came late.
• Players had a hard time figuring what to do in some of the scenes – mainly the computer one. Needs moar feedbacks  !
• Also, the time challenge and the “figure what you have to do” challenge didn’t go well together. I thought about killing the timer thing, but this is what gives the game some replayability, so I finally kept it. Maybe I should have activated the timer only at the second playthrough, rather than right at the first one.
• Nobody understands the idea behind the last scene… I wanted the character to get rid of everything he doesn’t consider strictly “necessary”, until he decides his limbs aren’t and mutilates himself. Maybe I should have made it more explicit – he could have litteraly said it or something.
• I really need to get more skills with sound design. REALLY.

What to do next :

• Learn about music and sound design. GODDAMNIT.
• Stick on concepts with more focus on graphics than programming skills – as it is both what I enjoy the most and what I’m the best at.
• I may also want to give the jam a try with some friends of mine – and go further than ever with the pOwEr Of LoOoOoVe ~・✧♥*

PS : my timelapse should soon be online. Link here.


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