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May 12th, 2013 7:14 am

Whoohoo! I made it to over 100 games tried somehow! So it seems all the cool kids are putting up a selection of their faves, so I will give in to peer pressure:

Less is More by atraxgames

This is a pretty clever puzzle game, where you have to get rid of the coloured blocks with the ability to delete a limited number of the border blocks. The different colours each act differently, and getting them to interact in ways that are beneficial to you is part of the puzzle.

Revolvengarde by Andrio

Minimalist controls throughout, you use the left and right arrow keys to rotate your little orb thing to deflect attacks that match the colour of your shield(s), it gets pretty quick paced. Even the menus retain the two button controls, in a way I thought was pretty clever.

F*** this job by Casino Jack

A one-button challenging platformer, you will die a lot. Similar to Super Meat Boy you are rewarded for your victory with a “recording” of all your failed attempts played at once.

Budget Squad by deepnight

It’s a beatiful game, you control two submarines, each with different abilities and limitations, collect gems, avoid things that kill you. I didn’t manage to beat it, but I will probably try again at some point. Very fun, but the theme isn’t really present except in that the submarines have “minimal” abilities each.

Fractured by dalbinblue

A challenging puzzle game with minimal controls. I’d say more about the mechanics, but it’s more interesting going in blind :)

And a quick plug for my own game: Samus Regrets a metroid game where you discard power ups instead of acquire them.

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  1. imagnity says:

    F*** this job is simply amazing!

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