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May 11th, 2013 11:35 pm

Hello, I updated the games browser, you can now filter by platforms and frameworks used. If you’re still searching for games to play and rate then try it out! If you have any ideas for more filters tell me and I’ll add them if it’s not too difficult. Also the whole project is open source, you can find it on GitHub:

Ludum Dare Games Browser

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12 Responses to “Games Browser Updated”

  1. Sebastian says:

    Filter by platform is a brilliant feature, thank you so much for adding this!

  2. kill0u says:


    There would be one filter that would be useful, but harder to add: the “game with/without audio” filter. For when we want to rate games but for X reasons can’t listen to the music/sfx (at work, when there’s a lot of noise, when your girlfriend/wife sleeps, etc.).

    Another filter/feature idea: associate the application with a small userscript that checks which game have been noted by the user, to add the rated/not rated filter :)

    • leafo says:

      Filter by audio is a good idea but that information isn’t easy to automatically scrape from the site. Going to think of a way to make it so you can hide games you have looked at already.

  3. nilstastic says:

    As a professional web developer I just wanted to say that this was very well done. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  4. nilstastic says:

    Also. Professional sounds weird. Let’s just say i work with computers and stuff. =)

  5. Sestren says:

    I’m just curious, how does it tell if a given game will be listed under the “Flash” platform? It looks like my game doesn’t show up under that tab.

    • kill0u says:

      Seems like you have to add a “Flash” platform link to your entry.
      Or something with “flash” in it (my “Web (Flash)” worked).
      The changes won’t apply until the next data update though, and I don’t know how often this happens.

    • leafo says:

      I look at all the download titles/urls for the word flash or swf. If you change it then the script will pick it up. I update the page about once a day.

  6. Sestren says:

    Thanks. Previously I just had it say “Web”, so I don’t think it was showing up.

  7. finefin says:

    very helpful to pick those games that are actually running on my system. thanks a bunch!

  8. SonnyBone says:

    This is LEGENDARY work, my friend.

    This is like looking into the future of Ludum Dare.


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