Favorites from 150 first rated games

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May 10th, 2013 3:34 am

I wanted to make a top X from my first 100 ratings, but I went so fast from 100 to 150 that in the end it’ll be favorites from the 150 first ratings x)

Favorite Compo games

Budget Squad by deepnight

Amazing graphics as always, with a cool and innovative gameplay.
It was a pleasure to see the game go from a red circle to being awesome during this week end, thanks a lot!

Weapons of Minimal Destruction by bluescrn

Awesome and addictive arena shooter, with a great concept and theme interpretation. Usually not a fan of Unity games, but this one is really cool!

You Must Escape by GertJohnny

A great gameplay and an amazing mood, a must-play.

Favorite Jam games

Mustache Armies by TurboDindon

After Inside My Radio, another awesome game from TurboDindon. Just play it. And again.

Swimming Fool by blackmagic

Amazing HD graphics, cool humor, nice gameplay and great music.. Cool game, too bad it’s so short 😀
This week-end was fun, thank you guys!

Potato Dungeon by _Rilem

Fun game, with nice graphics, gameplay and sfx. And 31 levels! Amazingly complete for a game made in 72h.

Take a look at our game too! Drug Hunt is a crazy warioware-like (as players said) game, but on drugs. Made with Gnux (graphics) & LeoL (music).

In Drug Hunt, you are a junkie.
Your usual drug dealer will give you your favorite drug (or another one.. he’s too high anyway). Take it, and here comes your trip!

You’ll have to find out the adequate moment to use the only action your reduced brain could trigger, and get out of your trip before the overdose.

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